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Dry Shampoo Review

So for my first official post that is not just an introduction I would like to do a review of the MANY dry shampoo's I have used over the years. I used to be one of those girls who just couldn't, no matter how hard I tried, go a single day without washing my hair. However, as I got busier (or you could say got lazier) and with so many people, mostly hairdressers but friends too, telling me that it is just makes greasy hair ten times worse if you keep washing it I decided to invest in the miracle that is dry shampoo.

I don't know if anyone else has the same problem as me but I seem to have extremely greasy hair, I don't know if its just how it is or that I play with it too much or potentially I just have an extreeeemly bad diet and its pouring out into my hair (ewww gross), therefore I wash my hair every other day and use dry shampoo in between.

So through the years I have use many products trying to find the best dry shampoo, taking in to consideration of the price (I really don't want to folk out too much on something that is just essentially glorified talc), the smell and how effective it is. So I though it would be useful to share my opinions so other people don't have to spend a fortune trying to do the same.

If you read on you'll know why I don't have my own picture of this
Obviously (probably like the majority of people out there) I started off using the Batiste Original dry shampoo. I got introduced to this in Uni and because it's a fairly cheap option I went with it. At £2.99 for a 200ml bottle it is a good price, as the more "high end" makes can be twice as much. The Batiste brand is very good at doing what it says in the tin, it gets rid of any grease and adds a small amount of volume to flat hair. Now for the negatives! I can get over the fact it smells just a bit too flowery and artificial, however what just keeps putting me off this product is the fact it is just far too difficult to get that grey tinge out of your hair when you've used it. The amount of times I looked in the mirror hours after getting ready and looking like I've had a blue rinse, it has left me red faced far too often. This also meant that every time I touched my hair my fingers felt like they had dust on them which I didn't enjoy.

So to try and conquer this bloody annoying trait I tried the Batiste colour additions (in both brunette options) and even though it did stop me looking like my granny they made me look like I'd put spray paint in my hair. Now when I say this it didn't literally look like I had paint in my head, it was just when I put my hands through my locks they came out with a lovely brown tinge and it made me feel like my hair was melting or something.

Now, a surprising one for the list which I think I only bought because I was in desperate need and I think I only had a few pennies in my purse and left my card at home so the boots own brand was my only option. Coming in at £2.49 for 200ml it's not much cheaper than the Batiste, however it seem to last longer and isn't as difficult to brush out those white marks. It doesn't have much of a smell either which I suppose could be a good thing but sometimes I like my hair to smell nice.

Now we get to the products that don't leave you with that annoying white residue half way through the day....
I'm sorry this is actually the salt spray, I chucked my
dry shampoo bottle away...oops

First is Umberto Giannini and once you get past the rather promiscuous design of the bottle (who did think that was a good idea, my boyfriend looked scared when he first saw this come out my bag) its not that bad a product. It is brilliant at being brushed in, the only thing that puts me off it is strange smell. My boyfriend says its smell's like the men's manfume Joop Jump and he's right, what girl wants to smell like you've drowned yourself in guy smell as if to say "yes I do have a boyfriend...honestly...I'm not a crazy cat lady!" All in all not a bad product but more pricey at £5.61 for 200ml.

Now unfortunately I can't do a full report on this next product which I will explain why further on but lets go on to the good points I did manage to pick up on. I got the Mark Hill "Dirty stop out" volumising dry shampoo from my boyfriend for christmas. He said it looked like a new product as Boots had made a big deal of it and being the brilliant boyfriend that he is he heard my complaints about how my hair goes flat too quickly as it's sooo bloody thick! With a nice bottle that stands out I was looking forward to trying a new product. So I cracked it open and it smell's amazing, girly but not floral and overpowered and as far as I can tell it didn't make my hair white. However, and I mighty big however, after a few sprays (and I need a lot to tackle my hair) the applicator spray broke and wouldn't let out anymore product. This put me right off, it may just be one faulty bottle or it could have been a whole batch that were bad but I felt ripped off (even though I didn't buy it) and more importantly my boyfriend was really upset that I couldn't use something he'd thought so hard about buying me (at £629 for 200ml I think). So I'm sorry Mr Hill but I will not be purchasing this product again unless I hear really rave reviews about it! It does look like they have changed the bottle since I got it so maybe it was a major fault in the product but my mind is made up.

Second to last we have the TRESemme, both the volumising and regular dry shampoo which I can't fault at all. They don't smell too strong, they rub in easily and create a small about of volume to flat hair. You don't need too much in your hair (I still have to put a fair amount in my thick mane) so seems to last a longer than other products. At £4.79 for 200ml it's cheaper than the Umberto Giannini and I rate it higher too so seems worth spending that little bit extra on this product if you haven't ventured past the Batiste.

And FINALLY....we come to my favourite dry shampoo of all time, and as you can see by the size of this post I've used a lot. The Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo (at £5.49 for 150ml) not only smells AMAZING like all of Lee Stafford's products, which are all part of a brilliant range of products, but it also blends into the hair so easily and you don't need much to cover up those greasy areas at all. Ok yeah it's 50ml's less than all the other products and so technically the most expensive when you compare how much you're paying per 100ml but I think it is totally worth it. This is a product I will keep on buying especially because Boots always seem to have 3 for 2 on Lee Stafford's product's so you can stock up for less. Thanks Lee you save me half an hour on my getting ready time in the morning!

Again this isn't actually a picture of the dry shampoo
I need a trip to Boots to stock up

Hope this helped with you making some decisions on what products to buy that that I didn't bore you too much. Thanks for reading.

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