Monday, 24 June 2013

Holiday Mini's

Yay I'm off on holiday in two days time which means I only have one more day at work till I get to relax in the sun!!!

So inbetween frantically packing and doing last minute jobs that I really should have done last week, I thought I'd do a quick post before I go. This one is about one of the many brilliant things that I get excited about when going on products. 

They are just soooo cute (in a baby voice) and it means you can take so much more with you then you'd normally be able to with full size products. So let me do a quick run down:

Diptyque Eau Rose/ Ciate Nail Polish in Cookie and Cream and Liz Earle Cleance and Polish

So I have done full reviews for these on my blog which you can find in the side bar. The Diptyque perfume smells amazing and this size is perfect for slipping in your handbag. The Ciate polish is the perfect nude colour and last for 5 days without chipping which is great when you're going away for a few days and this mini is perfect for top ups. And finally the cleanse and just does wonders for the skin!! I have also thrown a mini bottle of the Liz Earle moisturiser as I use it everyday. 

Yves Saint Lauren Touché Éclat Foundation

This is a sample that I got before I bought  the foundation and the people at the YSL stand are amazing. They are so friendly and give away samples without really asking. The colour is a true match to the skin tone which means no orange line and it's great for oily skin. 

Hair products
Not too much to say here, just hair spray and root booster (both John Frieda) an a salt spray to add texture (tony and guy). I also purchased hair sunscreen from the hairdresses the other day along with a free sample of hair oil so I can't wait to test them out. 

And finally

I have a clarins face scrub which was a freebie that I'm just itching to try, a mini pot of my righteous butter which is the best body butter ever and a mini bioderma to take my make up off with.  

So my final comment about how great mini products are is...more room for make up yay! 

Unfortunately I will not be able to keep up to date with the blogging world while I'm away (I really don't know how I'm going to cope) but I have some great ideas for when I get back. 

What are your opinions on minis and what are you favourites? Also any holiday beauty tips will be much appreciated. 

Adeus as they say in portuguese (see I've done my homework)

Hannah xx 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Topshop Midi Rings

So just a quick one here as I haven't posted in a while. I have a draft section full of half finished posts that I just can't complete as I keep getting new ideas that distract me from the last...bloggers problems hay?!?

I went to Topshop today as I had unspent vouchers from both Xmas and my birthday (which were both ages ago) and I stumbled across these beauties!

You get these four individual styled midi rings and as you can see by this picture they're all different sizes so you can wear them on different fingers. I have extremely thin fingers so I got the small size and the biggest ring is a little too bit to have as a midi, but looks great as a normal ring.

This pack of four was £7.50 (£6.75 with my student discount) and you can get it from the Topshop website right here!! They have loads of midi rings on the website and they all seem to be similar to this price. There wasn't that much choice in the shop so maybe you're best looking online if you don't have a big Topshop close to you.

I personally would't wear these ring like the above, but I couldn't get a decent picture with one on my thumb and one on the knuckle of my middle finger. I have been searching for some rings like these for so long but all the ones I found were so overpriced. These are just perfect! Nice and cheap and look really good on. The fact that they are simply designed means they will go with everything and the fact there is four in a pack means you can wear them in so many different ways. The only thing that could change my opinion on these is how fast they turn that horrible bronzy colour that all Topshop jewellery eventually turns. I guess only time will tell!

Hannah xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Make Up: Add On

So I realised I forgot to mention this final product on my Summer Make Up: Stop That Shine post I did the other day...oops. I obviously got far too excited about the other products that I posted it before I'd finished! That sentence sums me up pretty nicely actually!!

The product I was going to mention is the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer. At just £2.50 (although I'm pretty sure I only paid £1 for it at superdrug...maybe it was on offer), it works wonders for keeping you eye shadow on when the sun is determined to melt the make up off your face. It has a pretty thick consistency so less is more when it comes to this product, which means you don't have to purchase it as much. Thats a great thing in my eyes!!

So like the Urban Decay Primer, this product come out a creamy like colour but blends to a clear cover. It has a doe foot applicator which means you can get right in to the crease of your eye and once the product is on it really works wonders. I blend it in with my finger to really lock it onto my lids. I've notice a huge difference of how long my eyeshadow stays on when I do use this compared to when I don't. Normally my eyeshadow doesn't last the full 8hours from putting it on to getting home from work, but when I wear this it lasts the whole time. Of course my eye shadow has faded, but the effects this product has on my eyes are very clear. I really think this is a great product, and for £2.50, even if you don't wear eye shadow that much, you can't really go wrong. Great product MUA!!!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer Make Up: Stop That Shine

Last weekend I took a little trip to Manchester to visit some friends and it was ROASTING!!! Now I know the weather has taken a turn for the worst this week but the hot weather gave me a good idea for a blog post. I thought I'd share how I stop my make up from sliding off my face in the heat, because its got to get hot again soon...right?!?! Please!!

First of all my face needs a good cleanse to create a great base and take off any excess oil that might be on there. I use Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, its amazing and for a full review see here. Then I use a good moisturiser because, even with that extra oil my skin likes to produce on humid day, the sun still dries my face up. When investing in a new one I wanted something that helped reduce any extra oil production, as my face really knows how to do that all on its own, and I found the Mac Oil Control Lotion - Lotion Matifiante really does a great job at just that. At £21.50 for 50ml's it is rather pricey but I've been using it everyday since March and I'm absolutely nowhere near finishing it.

Next I use a primer. Every girl needs a primer to help her foundation stick on an average day, but a great one for those unusually hot days is the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion. I put a small amount on my T-Zone area on a day to day basis but swipe it on all over my face in the summer heat. This product really does keep my foundation looking polished and flawless for so much longer and it also works a treat at keeping that unwanted shine at bay. When it is first squeeze out the bottle, and you only need a little squeeze, the product is a creamy skin colour, however it blends out clear.  The effects are instant as all pours look smaller and some even disappear all together...thank you Urban Decay. Again its not the cheapest at £19, but I can't stress how a little goes a long way with this product, I know it will last me ages!

After priming I use a long wear foundation. I find a thinker foundation that gives a fuller coverage is good for going out in the evening but for everyday use, and especially hot days, a light to medium coverage is better for my oily skin. It means less cakey-ness when the full heat kicks in!!! I use YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation. There are so many shades, they can match you one almost to the exact colour and it really does last all day without fading, even in 20 degree heats. It's a great foundation for when you don't want to look like your wearing anything on your skin but you still want a flawless finish. It's a medium coverage product that can easily be built up if needs be that smells amazing and doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all. Again, sorry about this I see a pattern here...this is on the expensive side at £29, but its worth it for the quality of the product.

After the rest of my usual routine has been carried out I use a setting power to really stop my make up from moving and to keep my face looking nice and matte. I go to the holy grail of setting powders, Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder. At £3.99 it is very nice on the purse strings and does the work of something I would expect to spend 5 times the price on. I have to admit, due to my very oily skin I do use BareMinerals power all over the face after applying my liquid foundation as well, but this Rimmel power really does wonders for those areas that need extra attention. I use a small amount over my T-zone and even keep a spare pot in my handbag for top ups throughout the day. To be honest its very rarely needed but on those hot summer days its better to be safe than sorry. I can't recommend this power enough it really does make a difference. If I don't use it, the above products do a good enough job together, but using this power takes it to the next level of keeping my skin looking matte.

Finally finishing the whole thing off with a setting spray not only refreshes the face on a clammy day but keeps your make up in place and binds all the products together for a good lasting effect. The one I use is Mac Fix + and at £13.50 it is actually pretty well priced for a setting spray and lasted 4 months the first time round. However I have heard better reviews on other brands so I may try a different one when I run out.

So these are my top products I find stop that shine and the slipping of make up that the amazing yet dreaded sun brings. What do you guys use to stop this? I would love to hear and get some extra tips.

Ta x


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

S-Factor Diamond Dreams Conditioner review

Ok so I hate spending lots of money on hair products as 1. I seem to get board of them  pretty quickly and 2. They never seem to actually do much to my thick, straight, doesn't do ANYTHING kind of hair. But...I think I have found the product that has made me change my mind on this!

The S-Factor Diamond Dreams Conditioner could possibly be the product that makes me realise the reason why none of the tired and tested (and theres been many) cheaper hair products haven't worked on my hair is because unfortunatly pounds do equal results!

So lets paint the picture. I've never had a problem with tangled, matted hair before I dyed it and I'm talking I hardly ever used conditioner. I would use it roughly once a fortnight just because I felt I had to and I was once told that it helped if you used heat a lot on your hair, which I realised I actually don't. I dry it once every two days but never straighten it and very very rarely curl it so I never needed a good conditioner, the cheapest would do.

However, along came the ombre hair and hair turns in to several mini dreadlocks whenever it is down. I originally started using a John Frieda conditioner (I can't remember the exact name) as it was a brightening one for blonde hair and I hoped this would make my hair look blonder aswell as condition. Now, I have no doubt it would have been a good conditioner for natural blonde hair and it did very well at preventing brassy tones however it just didn't cut the mustdered on dyed hair.

I wasn't really looking for a normal everyday conditioner to tackle the problem but was interested more in an intense hair mask or a conditioner that you leave in for a few minutes in the shower. Whilst browsing on I came across the S-Factor range by TIGI and was extremely tempted by the look and sound of the S-Factor "Serious" Conditioner which I added to my bag. However my eye was also tempted by the Diamon Dreams.

 It was Zoe from Zoella 280390 that first brought this product to my addention in one of her videos (most of my beauty products have been bought thanks to beauty bloggers and You Tubers) and I remember her giving it a good review. Sooooo, it ended up in my shopping basket. But to be fair buying 2 conditioners at the sametime wasn't completely irrashional, I needed an everyday conditioner too, I can't be waiting 5 minutes everytime I wash my hair.

So, on to the review. The first thing I noticed is the packaging. It very cute, looks salon standard and it has an unusual shaped bottle which I love, however it does make it hard to get the product out. I tent to unscrew the top and squeeze it out that way. The next thing that hits me is the smell. Oh my god its like strawberry sweets and this lingers for most of the day, which can be a negative thing when your court smelling your hair at work...oops.

You can feel the product working as soon as it gets onto your hair. I normally split my hair into two sections, one over each shoulder as it is so think, and rub it in to both halves so I can get the product all over. You can also feel how silky smooth and tangle free it makes your hair as you're washing the product out. Then, when it comes to drying my hair, which usually takes forever in my case, I swear it cuts my drying time down and anything that can do this is a god send to me. It also means my brush runs straight through my hair without getting court every second on a huge knot, which it hasn't done for over a year now. Finally it keeps your hair smooth for at least 2 days (unfortunatly I can't last any longer then this without washing) but I have noticed the knots mostly stay out of the hair for the whole 2 days. It's AMAZING!

Finally I have been using it every other day since the 14th of May and at £9.90 for 250ml (there was a sepecial offer of 30-40% off I can't remember which) it's not a bad deal to say I've only used a quarter of the bottle. You're looking at roughly 15p a use and for something that works such miracles, it's worth it. I will perchance it at full price if its not still on special offer when mine runs out.

I really cannot recommend this product enough, it really has made a huge difference to my hair and cut the length of my routine down a fraction, and every little helps in my case. Plus the bottle looks lovely at the end of my bath with all the other lovely pink products. Perfect product and a must buy for those with tangled hair!

Ciate Mini Freebie!!

Whilst shopping for a few bits for my dinner in Tesco's I found myself, once again, looking at the magazine stand. Now I always have a little look to see if anything takes my fancy and I have noticed that recently some magazines are starting to give away some amazing freebies with the reads. This week its was Marie Claire that took my eye.

For just £2.50 it came with two mini Ciate nail varnishes. One nude coloured varnish, 'Cookie and Cream' to be more exact, and the 'Shooting Star' Caviar Pearls (however the names have been mixed up on the bottles). These pearls are a mix of gold, silver and clear/pinky coloured beads.

First of all I have wanted to try some nail pearls for a long time and came close to buying some in Topshop, but my boyfriend talked me out of it saying I would never wear them. So when I saw these two beauties sitting so nicely with Marie Claire I thought this was my opportunity to try them out, and hopefully prove the other half wrong!!!

So when it came to applying the 'Cookies and Cream' it did take a good few coats to be able to actually see the colour in its full glory, but I guess you get that with any kind of nude/light varnish so I can't really complain. However, the varnish doesn't actually take that long to dry so even though I did loose count of how many coats I did, it didn't take that long to achieve a nice strong colour.

Then it was on to the messy part! So to get the 'Shooting Star' pearls to stick, you apply another coat of varnish onto the nail/nails you want to look glamorous and then literally pour the beads over your nail. Now apparently when you actually purchase these varnishes you get a little tray to pour it into to control the mess, along with a funnel to help pour the extra beats not uses (and there will be lots) back into the pot...good thinking Ciate. Obviously these didn't come with the mini freebies so I recommend laying some paper down before pouring it over your nail, and then carefully rolling the paper into a funnel shape to pour the beats back into the pot. This doesn't guarantee a completely mess free alternative (there are quite a few beads on my carpet as I speak) but definitely helped when it came to tidying. 

I think the overall effect looks really nice and although I would have preferred some brighter colours as I'm not the biggest nude fan (haha immature giggle), I'm really happy with how it turned out. To get these two in a kit at full price would be £18. I'm not sure how many ml's you get for that price but I definitely think £2.50 for two 5ml products and a nice magazine along with them, is very good value for money so go out any get them before next weeks issue is out!

Enjoy xx

Friday, 7 June 2013

Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume Review

I just want to start this with an oh my god!

Now this is coming from someone who isn't that bothered about perfume and hadn't found a particular scent that I'm particularly crazy about. I'm the kind of person that just stuck to one perfume because it was too much of an effort to find a new scent that I liked. This is until now...

So it was my birthday a while back and when asked the yearly question from my mum of "what do you want?" which I never have an answer for, I asked for the standard money. However this year I actually had a plan on what I was going to spend it on...BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!!

I knew I desperately wanted the NARS Laguna bronzer and on a quick trip to London to look for places to live I though I could try and sneak in a little trip to Space NK in all hopes that my boyfriend wouldn't mind too much. Sheffield hasn't got the privilege of having this amazing shop so I was really looking forward to going and having a browse. Unfortunately due to everything always taking a little bit longer in London then you expect we didn't get time to go. With a very sad face I looked up where else Space NK had settled and found the closest one was Nottingham, which is nice as its where we both went to Uni, so off we popped the next day. 

Now that shop is just amazing. It was the first time I'd been and I could just spend all day in there. The layout was amazing, the decor was gorgeous and the service was fantastic and friendly. 

Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume Review

But on to the perfume, sorry I do have a tendency to waffle! I wasn't looking to get a perfume but the first thing I saw when we entered was the Diptyque stand looking all pretty. I've heard a lot of good stuff about this brand so thought I'd have a curious whiff and lets just say I was hooked at first smell. 

After talking to the shop assistant I soon realised I would have to fork out nearly half my birthday money on one bottle (£60-£85 for 100ml bottle to be more blunt). After getting my hopes up and not wanting to leave the store without one of the scents I opted to chose between two of the 30ml roll on Eue De Toillette scents. It was a toss up between the the Eue Rose (which I clearly went for) or the Eau Moheli. Now at £30 you get half the product for more than half the price which I felt a little annoyed by at first but after owning the product and getting to smell it everyday, any resentment I had about this has well and truly disappeared.

After rolling one scent on each wrist me and the other half agreed on a clear favourite. One smelt amazing and the other just had something I wasn't too keen on so I picked up the one on my right wrist and proceeded to the checkout (not forgetting the NARS of course). After getting home a few hours later I could clearly smell my wrist whenever I moved my arms, and suddenly BOTH smelt amazing. The one I didn't get on with in the shop had become so much more appealing to me.

After getting the mini bottle out of the gorgeous box, finding out it came with a cute velvet case and rolling it on the back of my hand...turns out I only went a picked up the wrong one didn't I!!!

Diptque Eau Rose Roll On Perfume Review

So apparently I preferred the Eau Moheli in the shop and the Eau Rose was the one that smelt a little strange to me. However, and a big however, after spending a bit of time on your skin the whole scent changes. Ok so yes I still think I would have preferred the Eau Moheli but I still absolutely LOVE the Eau Rose. 3 weeks down the line and I am still sniffing my wrists every few seconds when I'm wearing it, I'm getting everyone that crosses my path to have a whiff too. So to say I didn't like the smell much when I first tried it, it's done a complete 180 in my opinion. 

As I am completely useless at describing smells here's a little run down of what Diptique say about the scent themselves. It obviously has a hint of rose in there...Centifolia and Damanesca roses to be more presised, but also has hints of blackcurrant, lychee and bergamot (what ever that is?!?). This is described as more of a spring scent as it has a freshness to it and is definitely more tangy than sweet. Finally the scent has undertones of musk and honey.

It is a lovely scent that, to say didn't appeal to me to start with, has because a real favourite of mine. However, I would recommend trying it before you buy to see how the smells adapt to your skin. All in all when my mum asks me what I want for my birthday next year I know what I'll be asking for, a 60ml bottle please!

Thanks for reading
Hannah xxx

Thursday, 6 June 2013

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