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The One Brand: L'Oreal

Ok, yes this is late again but if you read my last post you'll know why. Anyways, wow, when did it become the last week of The One Brand? That has really flown by. I have loved this series, although I may not have stuck to the schedule to a fine tooth comb but I have really enjoyed getting to know the stories behind different make up brands and companies. Some have provided us with some hidden history gems (like Maybeline) and some have left me questioning the companies a little. However it’s been interesting none the less.

This final week pay’s homage to one of the biggest names in the beauty world…L’Oreal , and what do I mean by that, I mean that they own almost every flipping beauty company out there. With Maybeline and Yve Saint Lauren just two of the brands under their belt, the people in the board room of L’Oreal are probably sitting pretty darn pretty at the head towers.

Loreal is a French brand that was founded by Eugene Scheller in1909. The brand actually started from Mr Scheller creating a simple hair dye formula which he kept developing and changing. The chemist then expanded into other beauty products. Today L'Oreal now owns over 500 companies with thousands of products. With the famous strap line of "Because we're worth it" I get the impression L'Oreal really cares about their customers. So now on to a mix of my favourite L'Oreal products and which I'd like to treat myself too.

After using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Toner, and although I loved it, I didn’t see why it was any different to any of the other toner waters I’d used before. When the new L’Oreal toner ranges first came out I found them on a ridiculously great offer. I think they were selling at Boots for under £2 so of ofcourse one popped into my basket. Although I don’t quite feel the effects of toner too much, this little bottle leaves my face pretty smooth after I’ve used it. However, the bottle isn’t the easier to use when it comes to pouring out the toner, there have been many times where I have had a toner covered lap but the product itself does alright so I can get over this.

My second product is one that is a pretty new discovery for me really. It's the Elnett hair spray which has replaced my old favourite John Freda Frizzies love. This hair spray is so light weight but has the strongest hold out of all the hairsprays I've tried in my time. There is no sticky crispy hair with this and if you don't like how you've styled your hair with the spray, you can brush the product out really easily. I'm not sure how I feel about the smell of it yet though. I can't decide if I really like it or really hate it!!

The next products in my collection are L'Oreal's fake nails. I'm not sure how I feel about these and you can see why in my review here. Although they do the loveliest styles an are relatively easy to apply I find the nail sizes very unrealistic. It was really difficult to get a fake nail to fit each of my own. Some fit amazingly and others were either too big or too small and didn't fit down to the cuticle. I know you can file these down but I feel the whole point of buying fake nails is for the whole thing to be a quick and hassle free process and I don't think that's the case with these.

Next we come to the wishlist items as that is the extent of my L'Oreal collection. I am always looking for good skin care products as, yes, make up can cover up any imperfections, but tackling the problem at its source is also a must. Good skincare products will certainly help this. Although I don’t have really bad skin and I’m not really prone to a major break outs, I do have an uneven skin tone and do find that the odd spot I do get leaves a pesky mark for a few weeks after. I am currently using Palmers Dark Spot Corrector which I have done a review as a guest post on the lovely Steph’s blog (see here), however, I am always willing to try new things. L’Oreal isn’t an overly expensive brand so I don’t mind paying a little to test something out. The Palmers cream has made me a tiny bit more confident without make up (I still wouldn’t leave the house without it mind) but maybe this L’Oreal Even Tone moisturiser could really help boost my confidence.
The final item on the wish list and the final item on this post is the Telascopic mascara. I have heard great things about this but have the awful feeling its been discontinued. Why do brands do that? Create
great products that we come to love, and almost depend on, then they rip them away from us just as we feel we can’t live without it. It’s like stealing candy from a baby all you guilty beauty companies out there, just don’t do it. This mascara is meant to create a mean looking lash, extending them to some extreme amounts. I’m not sure if they create a thicker look but he Teescopic could be paired with a widening mascara to give your eyes both. You know “we are worth it” after all.

So that’s my top five, a bit of what I love and a bit of what I’d love to love. Do you have any of these products? What’s your verdict? And what good products have I missed out on?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx


  1. We love the Loreal Youth Code line and just about any of their mascaras are good! Loreal is one of our absolute favorite brands! Great post!!!!

  2. Ok your nails look amazing! Need to try more of these products

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