Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review | Arbonne's It's A Long Story Mascara

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent a few samples from the amazing company that is Arbonne. With these samples came a full sized Mascara which was a lovely little treat for me to receive, especially cause I've just run out of my Benefit's They're Real. I was sooo excited to put this mascara to the test and because (spoiler alert) I love it so much I just had to get a review up on it asap.

I'll start with a little run down on Arbonne themselves as they sound like an amazing company. I'd heard of Arbonne before this lovely package arrived and I'm a big lover of their logo but I've never actually tried any of their products before. I also hadn't read too much detail about the company but now I have, I'm definitely impressed. Arbonne has been around for over 30 years and has been available in the UK for 7 now. They pride themselves on all of their products being natural, green and animal friendly. In fact they are pretty much an angel of a company as they are against animal testing, charitable, suitable for vegans and can help with sensitive skin conditions. So lets get onto the review of It's A Long Story Mascara.

The first thing I noticed about this Mascara is how beautiful the packaging is. I love the fact the lid is covered in the Brand logo as if to say the mascara is proud of were it comes from, and from all the above info about Arbonne it really should be. The lid of this mascara makes it so easy to hold and apply, I hadn't noticed that I'd struggled with my previous mascaras before now but since I've used this one with a bigger lid I can really feel the difference in ease.

The nib of the It's A Long Story Mascara is an absolute dream to use. As it's the same width all the way down it manages to coat all the lashes evenly. I know a lot of people prefer wands that taper at the end to help reach those small inner lashes but I really don't think these work. The tapered wands just seem to miss the lashes in my opinion but not with this wonder of a brush. It's also plastic which means the wand will never wear down. Don't get me wrong I do like a bristled wand as it grips the lashes better but I find they don't last as long. Take my YSL mascara for example, after 2 months the quality of the brush seriously decreases as the bristles flatten. Because of this I find I need to repurchase before all the product has been used. Again, this certainly isn't going to be the case with this Arbonne Mascara.

The lasting power is also truly amazing. My lash curl lasts all day with no drooping and there is certainly no flaking or dropping of product underneath my eyes, and for me that is a rare thing. I have tried many a mascara in my time and have always had a problem with my bottom lashes. Every one I used seemed to flake off the bottoms or rub down making my already dark eye circles even darker. I then discovered Clinique's bottom lash mascara and this problem was solved. However, for the purpose of this review, I used the It's A Long Story Mascara on my bottom lashes and I was pleasantly surprised, no dark eyes at all.

Sorry about the blotchy foundation, I'd been out all day and trying something new haha
So next we come to the removal of this mascara. It's so easy to get off so there is no irritating the eyes due to scrubbing stupidly hard. It also doesn't create huge panda eyes when you are washing it off, I think I'm literally in love. So how do you get your hands on these amazing products? (I've had a look at the brochure and trust me they all look incredible) As Arbonne is a word of mouth company you wont find them in any shops, they use all their money they would spend on celebrity endorsements to pump back into the company and create natural products, they also use this to help their staff out. Ok, yes the products are a little expensive but when everything consists of natural ingredients without any damaging chemicals it's worth splashing a little extra cash for them isn't it! 

You can go online to shop or order through their consultants. The lovely Natalie got in touch with me about these products and her website is here but you can also email her on for more information (as she knows a hell of a lot more than me haha). She is so lovely and helpful so give her a little shout. You can also sign up to be a member of Arbonne which will get you some lovely rewards and discounts which is very sweet of them, I am certainly sold with this company.

Have you ever tried any of Arbonne's products? Does the brand values of a company effect wether you buy their products or not? Cause if so, you can't go wrong with Arbonne, they seem so caring.

Thanks for reading and a major thanks to Natalie,
Hannah xxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Vichy Dermablend Launch Event

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to a great event put on by the fabulous brand that is Vichy. I'm sure most of you have heard of them or seen their collection sitting in Boots. I for sure have to resist buying the whole lot whenever I wander into my local branch, especially when they have those flippin 3 for 2 deals, it's like they just want me to spend all my money or something. Anyway, back on track, Vichy were having a party to celebrate adding a few more wonderful items to their Dermablend range, and they let a few of us beauty bloggers tag along. Firstly the venue was so pretty and all the Vichy peeps were so incredibly helpful and friendly so thanks to them, secondly be warned there are a lot of pictures coming up.

So here’s a little background info, Vichy started as a French Pharmacy brand around 80 years ago and they wanted to take a medical approach to creating make up and beauty products that allowed everyone to create their idea skin type, pure genius if you ask me! The Dermablend range itself was developed 30 years ago to work more on mixing healthy make up with great coverage. The whole range helps to cover scars, dark circles, pigmentations, burns, the list is endless even tattoos, whilst being suitable for even the most sensitive of skin…What’s not to love!!!

Ok, I'll admit it, before the event I didn't know too much about Vichy however after this event I am noting but massively impressed. I was sold even before the demonstration (by the amazing Kenneth Sho) and talk. Vichy is basically a brand that has been loved and used by make up artists and catwalk queens alike for years, we were even told the Beauty Queen of all Queens Lisa Eldridge has a couple of Vichy products hanging around her make up kit. And if that doesn't win you over I have no idea what will.

Vichy's original Dermablend range had the Correction Fluid Foundation and the Dermablend Setting Powder in but now they've had a little revamp in the packaging department. Both of these products looked amazing, so amazing in fact I am heading out to buy the foundation asap! So, here's a little run down of the original Dermablend products.

The Correction Fluid Foundation is a liquid foundation that literally covers anything and everything without feeling too heavy and thick, in fact it's actually good for your skin and it doesn’t clog up any of those pesky pours either. I swatched some of this stuff (in completely the wrong shade) on the back of my hand and the texture was so silky smooth it was unreal. It covered any blemish, dark spot or vein under the skin without feeling cakey or heavy at all. The lovely Kal from Cluttered Closet was there too (one of my favourite things about the evening was meeting her) and she said this foundation is definitely a winner. You only need a tiny amount to go along way, trust me; I put less than a pea size on my hand and the majority of it was covered.

This foundation has an amazing 12-hour lasting power and certainly ain’t going to smudge or budge anywhere as it's both waterproof and sweat proof (did I hear anyone say Gym or Holiday make up?!?). Therefore anyone can have the flawless skin they carve without suffering any side effects. With 25% pigmentation and an SPF of 30 I am starting to think this could possibly be the most perfect foundation ever. One of Vichy's new products to the range was this foundation but in body form...that was some good technical terminology wasn't it? The Total Body Corrective Foundation can be used to cover up any issues you have on other areas of your skin, for example to make your legs look super flawless in that summer dress your dying to wear, or in my case, for my scared back. It would mean I could finally be comfortable in strappy tops again. This Body Foundation is both rub and transfer proof so you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes once you're all dressed up to the nines. Like all of Vichy’s products it has a strong lasting power (16 hours) so it's good for a long day event and has an SPF of 15, so you don’t have to worry about slathering yourself in sticky suncream.

The next product Vichy have given a little revamp is their translucent setting powder. Not only is the new packaging silky sleek, the product itself is silky smooth, even once rubbed into the skin. This little pot comes with a handy powder puff to help pat the product onto your skin after you have finished your foundation base layer. It's a white powder that doesn’t add any extra colour or coverage, cause lets face it, with how pigmented the foundations are there is no need for any extra colour is there? It also helps keep your foundation going for an extra 4 hours. Yep, I'm definitely in love.

Another product available in the Dermablend range is kinda new but is kinda revamped too! The New Corrective Stick has the same coverage as their last stick but Vichy have made it a little smaller so it can be used on the go. It can be used for covering blemishes but most of all it’s 40% pigment will be great for my big old dark undereye circles, which excites me beyond belief. This little stick has a 14 hour hold and SPF of 30 so I doubt you will even need it in your handbag for top ups but if you do, this little stick is perfect!

The biggest release has to be the Corrective Compact Cream Foundation which is a cream compact foundation (obviously haha) that also helps cover anything you wish. The ‘compact-ness’ means it slips into your handbag perfectly and the fact it has a HUGE mirror means you can redo your face wherever you are. Like with the Liquid foundation it has a 12 hour hold and an SPF of 30. The creamy texture will mean a higher coverage but I imagine it is harder to work with, that’s more of a personal opinion though as I’m not the best with creams…in fact I’m flippin' awful with them.

And finally, to help get it all off at the end of the day, Vichy provided us with their 3 in 1 cleansing milk which I literally can’t wait to try. I was completely overwhelmed with what Vichy had given us bloggers, in and out of the event, it was so generous of them. I cant wait to use everything, including the free pocket sized mirror they added into the goodie bag. I will most certainly have reviews on all our little freebies soon. Thanks again Vichy for having me, it was truly amazing.

Have any of you tried any Vichy products? Were any of you at the event and I didn’t get to say hello? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish Review: Little Bow Peep

That's it I think I've done it. I think I've gone and found the nail varnish to cure my hatred of nail varnishes. Ok I don't mean that, I love nail varnish once it's on but I flippin well can't stand the process of getting there. The endless coats, the what feels like hours it takes to dry, the freezing fingers you get from having to keep them still for so long and the fact that you never have to do anything before you do your nails but suddenly once their just done...everything possible that could smudge your nails suddenly needs doing, bloody typical.

I also never seem to be able to do my nails with out getting some sort of finger print, smudge or chip on them so I never get the glamorous smooth shiny nails I crave. However, Rimmel's 60 second nail varnishes may have just saved my life!!! Ok I may be being a little OTT there but with this polish, that pain staking process we all know and hate certainly doesn't happen.

I always have and always will be a lover of grey shades so when I saw Little Bow Peep sitting on the Rimmel stand at my local Boots (which is approximately 1 minute away by the way and it's killing my bank balance) I just had to pick it up. I have dark greys in my collection but this one is a paler shade that has the most beautiful blue and purple undertones to it. It reminds me of the topshop polish I have in Straight Laced which I fell in love with when I saw it, but, unfortunately this was one of those stupid peel off ones (didn't realise that when I bought it, wouldn't have wasted my money if I did) and a whole flipping nail peeled off after about an hour. I haven't been able to find a similar shade until now. 

So just how good is this nail varnish (after taking it's beautiful hue out of the equation)? Well, I was a little sceptical when I put the first coat on. It doesn't streak which is a plus, but it was very very light so I thought I'd be there for ages applying coat after coat. However, I soon got over this when I realised when Rimmel said 60 seconds, they meant 60 seconds. My first nail was completely dry by the time I completed my second little pinky. The brush is also bigger than the average polish so its easy to get an even coverage with less swipes.

Ok, so yes it does need a fair few costs to pack a punch (approximately 4) but at how quick it dries these extra coats don't seem like a chore. It probably takes less time to do four coats of this than two coats of any of my other varnishes. It's also pretty chip resistant. I think it was around day 4 when I noticed some bare nail poking through and it was about a week before it totally needed re doing, all without a top coat. The four coats do mean it's a little tough to get off but there are no stained nails underneath at the end of it all, which is an added Brucie bonus. For under £4 these polishes are pretty reasonably priced especially for a high street brand (any body else seemed to notice high street varnishes are getting more and more expensive).

This is now not only officially my favourite shade but the Rimmel 60 seconds polishes are my favourite polishes ever. I have, quite drastically, decided that I am no longer going to buy any other brand of varnish no matter how pretty the shade. Why? Because I will use them once, realise I can't be arsed to go through the process of doing my nails with it again and leave it in my vanity case completely unloved for the rest of time. Getting only the Rimmel 60 second polish (in ever shade of course) will make all this painting y'nails business a complete doddle and I can now sneak a quick manicure into any spare 10 minutes I get. I am officially one happy bunny, a happy bunny with great nails!

Do any of you have any polishes from the 60 seconds collection? What's your favourite shade? And would you wear Little Bow Peep? Let me know in the comments below I love reading them.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

BBloggers Made Me Do It Lip Addition

I thought I'd like to do something a little different for this post. It's not quite a tag (it could potentially be and I've just missed it) and it's not quite a review etc, it's just a bit of fun. I'm not sure if I'm the only one out there who's make up collection has grown SIGNIFICANTLY since I started blogging properly almost a year ago now) but I realised the other day that there are certain things in my collection that I wouldn't have ever bought if it wasn't for the beauty blogging community. Basically I am using you guys as a scapegoat for my spending....hope you don't mind haha?!? As I was writing this post I noticed there were a hell of a lot of products on the list so I thought I'd break them down into categories and this week lips...Lips.

So the most recent lip purchase I blame solely on the blogging community is a Mac Lipstick. Never in a million years would I have forked out over a tenner for a lippy, at the end of the day it's just something that changes the colour of your lips, but no...there is now a Mac lipstick in my collection and I want, no need more. I'd always said I wasn't going to buy one, I'd always said high street versions for half the price do the same job, I'd always thought "surely they aint worth the pennies" but after reading hundreds and hundreds of 'Mac Lipstick' posts and a quick trip to an airport duty free I'd caved, and I've fallen in love. It's now like Sophie's Choice, do I miss out on buying any more of these amazing lipsticks or do I spend a small fortune to have more beautiful lippies in my collection?!? I have no idea what to do! My review on Mac's Diva is here.

This leads on nicely to lip liner as I've been using one with the said Mac lipstick. Ok I did have one lip liner in my collection before I blogged but I just never flipping used I have four and definitely want more. Before reading beauty blogs I wasn't really sure what the point of lip liners were, where they meant to be used as a replacement for lipsticks? Weren't they just a product that really old ladies used when they were desperate to make their lips look thicker? Nope; apparently not, apparently they are blooming fabulous at making your lipstick last longer. Pair a lip liner with a lip stick and jeez, your lips will be as purple or as red as you want for the whole day...genius. Who would have thought that literally drawing on your lips would lead to such a great outcome?

The next lip product comes in the shape of a lip gloss! Ok, well more of a lip lacquer but I never bought anything even close to a lip gloss before I started reading beauty blogs. I hate the things, they are sticky, they are messy and they congeal on my lips. Now I have four in my collection because I just had to keep reading the reviews on Rimmel's Appocolips. Everyone was saying that they don't feel like a gloss and are the perfect hybrid between lipsticks and lip glosses'...almost as if they made a love child! And what a perfect little love child it is. The colour pay off is amazing and they are so nourishing on the lips. I'm literally in love. 

And so, onto my final lip product, and when you talk about it to none beauty obsessive's it sounds absolutely ridiculous. Lip scrubs are something I would have pulled the most unusual face too before I started beauty blogging, but, with a number of posts about them out there and a little box swap with the lovely Rebecca (see post here) I now have 2 lip scrubs in my life. Being someone with dry and flaky lips this has actually been a god send to me so I can't thank all your bbloggers out there enough for introducing this into my life. Scrubs not only help smooth and sooth the lips, they also stop lipstick from clinging to and cracks and help prolong the stay of lipsticks on your smackers. This means less application and therefore your lipsticks last you longer and what does that mean? You don't have to repurchase as much can spend that money on a different shade of course (God I will literally dig out any justification for spending money on make up)! My favourite moment with the Lush Santa Lip Scrub was on Christmas day and my brother (who had only wandered into the house a mere 4 hours before we got up) shouted from the bathroom "Hannah, I've used half a flipping tub of this lip scrub you've left on the sink but I still have red wine lips," so unfortunately it won't hide any evidence of a heavy night, but it will make your lipstick look fabulous.

So that was just a small portion of the things I have bought solely because of beauty bloggers. Would you agree with any of these lip products? Do you have any lip products in your collection that you know you just wouldn't have bought if it wasn't for all those amazing beauty bloggers out there? What other products have beauty bloggers just made you buy? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Pixi Review: Champagne Glow Eyeshadow and Natural Sheer Cheek Gel

I have been lucky enough over the past few months to win a few freebies thanks to the blogging world. My first winnings came in the form of some Pixi products, next came some Birmingham clothes show live tickets (which I was unfortunately ill for so couldn’t go….gutted doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt) and finally a few amazing Clinique goodies from the brilliant Dave Lackie. This post however is dedicated to reviewing the original winnings, the Pixi products.

The original winning product was the Sheer Cheek Gel in Natural however the lovely team at Pixi threw in a little extra freebie, which came in the form of a single eye shadow in Champagne Glow. That was a pleasant little surprise which was extremely appreciated, what a lovely company they are. 

Anywho, lets get on to the review shall we? The extra little freebie is the perfect champagne colour with the tinyest hint of a rosey pink undertone to it. It almost a rose gold colour or at least it's certainly the closest colour to rose gold out of my collection. Although the colour is great and sooo beautiful, it does need a few layers to make the colour really pop on the lid, so there is a slight pigmentation issue here. Saying that, it’s not enough of an issue to get me down as the colour pay off really is worth the extra time needed to build it up. I think this colour is definitely more of a base shadow rather than one for the crease as it's a little too glittery and shimmery for that however it’s such a lovely shade it could be paired with most colours in my collection. All in all I love this shade and am so grateful for the little surprise. Thanks Pixi. 

Next we head over to the original winnings of the Sheer Cheek Gel. When I first took this out the packet I couldn’t help but think that it was quite a dark shade for a cheek product but, always up for a make up challenge, I couldn’t wait to see what I could do with it. My fears were soon swept away when I swatched it for the first time. Turns out, although a bold colour, the ‘Sheer’ part of its name really lives up to the title. Once squeezed out of its packaging and blended into the skin this blush creates a lovely subtle look. So subtle in fact, in the last few dark and depressing months without any natural light in the morning (I love how thats changing now) I went a little too crazy with the application. As it's so sheer I applied way too much and was asked if I had a rash on my face by a work college...awkward. I couldn’t bare to admit that I had committed every beauty bloggers worst nightmare and gone over board with make up, so just sheepishly said “oh…erm …well I have been leaning on my hand all morning, maybe its that?!?” #bbloggersproblems anyone? 

With my little accident aside the Sheer Cheek Gel is a lovely little product that is a happy addition to my ever expanding blush collection. Both of these Pixi products are truly lovely and although they are lacking a little on the pigment front, with a little extra time taken to apply these products can produce great natural look with a teeny bit of shimmer (the blush also has the hint of shimmer in it).

Would purchase these with my own money? Why yes I think I would, but with the way these seem to be lasting (even with the fact that you have to use a lot) I don’t think I’m going to have the issue of running out of either any time soon.

Do any of you have any Pixi products? I’ve not heard too much about them so would love some little recommendations. If you have any of these what do you make of them? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to Pixi for the lovely freebies, it just goes to show, pressing the retweet button can really pay off.

Hannah xxx

Monday, 10 March 2014

Crop Long Sleeve Top and Topshop Joni High Waisted Jeans outfit Post: OOTD

Right, picture this, you walk into, I don’t know EVERY shop on the high street and you see a nice top. You wonder over to it, you think ‘yep I like this,’ you pick it up and they’ve bloody well chopped the bottom of it off…for Christ’s sake! Back on the rail it goes and you walk out of the shop in pure, pretty pointless, mini one-woman protest. Well that has been my life for the past year. I haven’t been a fan of the whole crop top look for a long time and I was starting to get pretty peed off about it to be honest as it’s all any shop seemed to sell, I just couldn’t find a nice normal length top anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little bit of flesh on show but at the end of the day I’m coming up to a quarter of a century on this planet and although I hate to admit that I’m getting older, I do now have to really think about whether the latest trend will make me look like a child or not. The trend of having half my stomach out not only does this exact thing but also makes me look like I “Wanna be” a flipping Spice Girl and was exactly how I used to dress when I played Sporty Spice when I was 11…not a good look for a 24 year old.

Fast-forward a year from when slicing the bottoms off tops came into fashion and the little buggers still haven’t left the shelves. Damn, was I going to have to give into the trend if I still wanted to shop in my favourite high street shops? Well in a way yes I was, BUT I think I have tackled the issue to create an age appropriate look and it comes in the form of high waisted trousers. Ok, I know that these have been around for a hell of a long time and I haven’t just discovered a new trend. I am fully aware I aint no trend setter here, but for me I didn’t realise combining two things I have always hated; cropped tops and high waisted trousers would actually create a look I loved. It’s like my clothing version of coleslaw. I hate everything that goes into it, carrots, mayo and what not, but I can’t get enough of the final product. Anyway, enough of comparing fashion to food lets get onto my outfit choice and how to make cropped tops suitable for the mid twenties lot out there. 

As I mentioned I think pairing a crop top with high waisted jeans is definitely the route to take. This way it covers up our bellies that are no longer as flat as they were when we were shapeless kids; it covers up our belly buttons that lets face it no one really wants to see anyway; and it shows off our thinnest part of our bodies, our waist. Although I’m personally not a fan of the look of a whole belly out, a thin strip of waist is a nice way to flash a bit of flesh in a classier manner. This cropped jumper from Ark was a great purchase as, for one, it was in the sale so I think it was under £10, and two, it also has an even more genius way to tone down the cropped looked. The back of this jumper is longer than the front so from behind it just looks like your average top and from the front you have just the right about of flesh on show. The colour is a lovely pastel blue that is prefect for summer but also helps brighten up your look in winter and with the long sleeves you’re a little less likely to be too cold in these not quite warm months. 

The trousers are a little treasure I’m so glad I found them. Like I said I was never a real fan of high waisted trousers until recently and I am fully aware that everyone and their mothers have seen the Joni high wasted jeans in Topshop but I think they are brilliant. With a combination of skinny and high waisted-ness these jeans really are perfect and will go with any top; short, regular or long lengthed. I only have two little criticisms; one, there are no front pockets and two, there are no belt straps, but for the amount of times I actually use pockets and the amount of times I actually add a belt to an outfit, I can look past these.

The great thing about this outfit is that it will work with any kind of shoe; I picked these as they were the only ones I had with me on holiday (which seems to be a reoccurring thing when it comes to shoes in my outfit posts.) Boots or sandals a like will go with this look again making it perfect for all seasons. I also thought this outfit did all the talking for itself so didn’t feel the need for any jewellery, however a nice statement necklace really does work with the plain jumper. However, I was on holiday so of course my Ray Ban sunnies had to make a little appearance. I’m also loving rocking a low pony at the moment and think it brings a little 60’s vibe to this look.

So, what is your opinion on cropped tops? Have you been a fan from the start or have you had to learn to love them? Or do you out right hate them? How would you style a cropped jumper? Would this work with a high wasted skirt? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mac Duty Free Haul and Review: Diva and Peachy

Oh guy’s I did a naughty, I was in the airport for ooooohhh about an hour before I jaw droppingly spotted the duty free and OBVIOUSLY ended up purchasing something. I would say shame on me, but like every other beauty blogger out there I am obsessed with make up and really, it was expected what with the VAT prices taken off an all. I also, of course, used the excuse of a review for the blog as extra motive to spend.

So, what exactly did I choose to spend my holiday money on before I’d even left the country? Well Mac of course. I haven’t had the best experience with Mac in the past as their foundation didn’t do much for me and their setting spray, well it just seems like I’m spraying water on my face rather than actually something that will prevent my make up from sliding. However, I am in love with my Mac blush and have heard time and time again that their lipsticks are ahead of the game when it comes to lip products, so I decided to give them another shot for a smaller price. As I just can’t quite come to terms with spending £15 on a lipstick I had avoided getting one in the past but hello duty free and I can sort of justify it to myself. It was either the excitement of leaving the country or £12.50 is my absolute limit of what I will spend on a lippy. So with £2.50 off the standard price I had convinced myself. When it came to the blush no reasoning was needed, I would spend over the £18 the Mac blushes usually are so when this one came in at £15 I was certainly going to invest in a new one. 

When it came to choosing the lipstick I had many names in my head that I could remember from rave reviews across the Internet. Rebel, Girl About Town, Crème Cup, Shy Girl and Russian Red were all in my mind and these were all confirmed when I took it Twitter to ask which I should get for my first Mac lipstick. I soon realised I didn’t actually know what any of these colours actually looked like so I asked the lovely MUA for some help. As I made my way down the list it was clear these were all very popular colours as I was met by an “ahh we’re all sold out of that one” for ever single shade. So I was stuck, I couldn’t pick out of all the other colours available because they were just all so pretty, and if all the colours that were popular had gone what could I do? Well, this is where I give credit to the amazing MUA again. She asked me which colour was my favourite out of the ones I’d mentioned…well that was awkward, as I just said I wasn’t sure what they looked like!!! So I chose the only one I’d actually seen in action before and that was Rebel and she found me the closest alternative, which was Diva, and I have to say it is beautiful. 

This shade is a little less purple than rebel and seems to have more of a plum under tone. Ok, yes I have several shades like this but I really think this one is the most beautiful out of my collection. You only need one coat to get a huge colour pay off rather than the two to four layers from all my other brands. The colour is verging on the vampy look but not enough that you have to be a bold character to wear it. Diva is from the matte range which is a given for me I am a huge fan of the matte look. What I really like about this lipstick is it doesn’t feel like your wearing anything on your lips at all. My first wear of this was out for a meal and I wasn’t overly impressed with its longevity but when you’re eating, lipstick doesn’t tend to last that long anyway. When I reapplied after the meal and for my second wear it lasted for a very long time so I must have done something wrong the first time.

The texture is very creamy to say it’s matte finished however you do need to make sure you have a clean, flake free lip for this lipstick to go on smoothly. I highly suggest using a lip scrub before using this lipstick as it does cling to any cracks or dry patches. Saying that, this lipstick has finally made me realise what all the hype about Mac lipsticks has been about. It’s a very lovely lipstick that I can see quickly becoming my favourite.

The next item of my duty free haul was the lovely blush in Peachy. I have strolled into a few Mac shops recently and I just kept picking this colour up. It seems so obvious now as I always seemed to gravitate towards blushers that have peach undertones so when I saw the name of this blush I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me. I was torn between getting this one and Melba as that’s the shade I put in my last giveaway and I loved the look of it, but as I kept going back to Peachy, I thought Melba could wait for another time.

This colour would work perfectly with any skin tone and the silkiness of the product itself means it is super easy to apply. Like my other Mac blush (Stay Pretty) it lasts a very good length of time on your cheeks and has a very good colour pay off. You only need a few stokes with your brush to make the colour really stand out on the skin without looking ridiculous. As this colour has such a peachy undertone it can be easy to create that awful orange look and it should only be paired with soft bronzers as it could clash with highly pigmented ones.

I feel like this colour is subtle enough to be used in the summer as it creates a hint of colour to the skin and makes it look more sun kissed than naturally flushed but, if you add those extra layers, it looks lovely in these less sunnier months. Trust me, in Portugal where I used this first, we had all four seasons in a day so it was been perfect to test this blush out.

All in all thank god for duty free and being 3 hours early for our flight as without these factors I doubt I would have ever got a Mac lipstick and an extra blush. I’m well chuffed with my purchases and even more chuffed that I got them for £5.50 cheaper than I would have at your average Mac counter.

What do you think of these shades? Have you tried them before? Which shades would you recommend for Mac lipsticks and blushes?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xxx


Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites

I did say, oh a few months ago now, when I did my first monthly favourites post that I would do one every month, however, I’ve not quite stuck to my word. Sorry about that. Now it’s come to March I have decided I would finally upload another favourites post so without my usual long rambling intro shall we just get straight into it?

My first favourite comes in the shape of a perfume and what a lovely perfume it is. To say since starting this blog I have become a little obsessed with Diptyque is a fairly big understatement. I haven’t smelt a single one of their products that I haven’t fallen head over heels in love with it. I’ve had this perfume for a good few months now but seem to be using it like mad recently. For the full story behind why I got this perfume and my need to buy it see my review on Eau Rose here, but basically the Eau Moheli is a lovely sweet scent predominantly of Ylang-Ylang. It’s blooming delicious. 

An essential to my handbag comes in the form of blotting paper so this little monthly favourite should really come under my all time favourites. Used to dab off any excess shine though out the day it’s the perfect alternative to ‘powerdering your nose’ and it stops any build up of product and prevents that cakey look. You could easily make blotting powder yourself with grease proof paper so there is actually no need to go out and spend your money but I got these little bad boys for £1.50 from MUJI and it was worth the money just to get the packaging case they came in. This case keeps the paper clean and crisp and these little bits of paper are all round winners in my eyes. 

Now this next favourite has the potential to be quickly forgot about thanks to my resent duty free Mac purchase (post coming soon) but this MUA lipstick has really excelled all expectations this month. For £1 I wasn’t expecting much from this but oh my I just don’t understand how something so cheap can have such a great pay off. The colour is amazing; ok you do need a few coats to pack a punch but what a nice punch it packs. The colour isn’t as bold as you would expect but it creates a lovely subtle plum hue that will suit every skin tone. This range is from the matte selection but that does not mean these are drying at all. Normally with matte lip products a lip scrub is a must to stop any product sticking to flakes, not with this beauty, it glides straight on with no fuss. Finally, it lasts pretty well through out the day too. High five to MUA once again. 

Next is something every beauty lover should have in their collection. If you are one like me who, rather embarrassingly cleans their make up brushes much less than they’re willing to admit, this product is for you. I got the ELF daily brush cleaner quite a while ago and didn’t use it because…well because my brushes were filthy and I new it wouldn’t make an impact on them. Fast forward a few weeks and I finally finished the chore of giving those brushes a scrub and this has helped me keep them clean. You can either spray this directly on the brush and wipe it on a cotton pad or spray the cleaner onto a pad first and give the brush a swirl. Either way, you can use this after ever use and it dries before you use your brushes next. Yes, this won’t keep your brushes completely clean but it will prevent you from having to do that boring deep clean as often. I am in love with this especially as it was only £3.95 too. 

Finally, an absolute must for this month is also something I absolutely love. This favourite is a fashion alternative and I have worn it everyday since I bought it. What is this essential favourite…a scarf of course. It’s tartan but subtle, the red and grey colours mean you can have one colour showing more predominantly than then other depending on your mood. There is not much else to say about it really apart from it really helps glam up any outfit and my coat isn’t seen without it. 

So that was my monthly favourites. What made it on to your list? What are your recommendations for March? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xxx
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