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February Favourites

I did say, oh a few months ago now, when I did my first monthly favourites post that I would do one every month, however, I’ve not quite stuck to my word. Sorry about that. Now it’s come to March I have decided I would finally upload another favourites post so without my usual long rambling intro shall we just get straight into it?

My first favourite comes in the shape of a perfume and what a lovely perfume it is. To say since starting this blog I have become a little obsessed with Diptyque is a fairly big understatement. I haven’t smelt a single one of their products that I haven’t fallen head over heels in love with it. I’ve had this perfume for a good few months now but seem to be using it like mad recently. For the full story behind why I got this perfume and my need to buy it see my review on Eau Rose here, but basically the Eau Moheli is a lovely sweet scent predominantly of Ylang-Ylang. It’s blooming delicious. 

An essential to my handbag comes in the form of blotting paper so this little monthly favourite should really come under my all time favourites. Used to dab off any excess shine though out the day it’s the perfect alternative to ‘powerdering your nose’ and it stops any build up of product and prevents that cakey look. You could easily make blotting powder yourself with grease proof paper so there is actually no need to go out and spend your money but I got these little bad boys for £1.50 from MUJI and it was worth the money just to get the packaging case they came in. This case keeps the paper clean and crisp and these little bits of paper are all round winners in my eyes. 

Now this next favourite has the potential to be quickly forgot about thanks to my resent duty free Mac purchase (post coming soon) but this MUA lipstick has really excelled all expectations this month. For £1 I wasn’t expecting much from this but oh my I just don’t understand how something so cheap can have such a great pay off. The colour is amazing; ok you do need a few coats to pack a punch but what a nice punch it packs. The colour isn’t as bold as you would expect but it creates a lovely subtle plum hue that will suit every skin tone. This range is from the matte selection but that does not mean these are drying at all. Normally with matte lip products a lip scrub is a must to stop any product sticking to flakes, not with this beauty, it glides straight on with no fuss. Finally, it lasts pretty well through out the day too. High five to MUA once again. 

Next is something every beauty lover should have in their collection. If you are one like me who, rather embarrassingly cleans their make up brushes much less than they’re willing to admit, this product is for you. I got the ELF daily brush cleaner quite a while ago and didn’t use it because…well because my brushes were filthy and I new it wouldn’t make an impact on them. Fast forward a few weeks and I finally finished the chore of giving those brushes a scrub and this has helped me keep them clean. You can either spray this directly on the brush and wipe it on a cotton pad or spray the cleaner onto a pad first and give the brush a swirl. Either way, you can use this after ever use and it dries before you use your brushes next. Yes, this won’t keep your brushes completely clean but it will prevent you from having to do that boring deep clean as often. I am in love with this especially as it was only £3.95 too. 

Finally, an absolute must for this month is also something I absolutely love. This favourite is a fashion alternative and I have worn it everyday since I bought it. What is this essential favourite…a scarf of course. It’s tartan but subtle, the red and grey colours mean you can have one colour showing more predominantly than then other depending on your mood. There is not much else to say about it really apart from it really helps glam up any outfit and my coat isn’t seen without it. 

So that was my monthly favourites. What made it on to your list? What are your recommendations for March? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xxx

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  1. That scarf looks so cozy & I love the print! Also looks like such a pretty shade of lipstick!


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