Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review | Vichy Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation

I'm not normally one for cream foundations, for one I find them too heavy, but mostly I just can't figure out how to apply them well! Yes they usually come with a sponge applicator but I find them too tricky to apply an even base and most cream foundations don't work well with a brush. So, when I received Vichy's Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation (£19.50-£22.50)* at an event a few weeks back I was a little hesitant to try it. Oh what a fool I was to wait so long!

I have to admit I might still have not tried this foundation if it wasn't for Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up whose new video gives this cream foundation a little mention. She clearly showed it wasn't like any other cream foundation out there; it was a doddle to apply. So the next morning when I was sat at my vanity table I decided to take the plunge and to my amazement it went on like a dream. My Real Techniques Expert Face Brush was my weapon of choice and it did not let me down.

So, lets get on to a little run down about this product. To say this was a freebie I can't complain about the colour match at all. The lovely lady at the Vichy event handing out the goodie bags chose from different piles depending on individual skin tone's and although it might be a teny bit on the pale side, after a little bit of bronzer you can't tell at all, so that lovely lady did a cracking job. Like I said before I am amazed at how easy this cream foundation is to apply. Just give your brush a little swirl in the pan and you're good to start blending away.

Now, after a few applications I have finally got the technique down to a tee. The best tip I can give is to go in with a light hand. As this is a full coverage foundation (as Vichy specialise in covering almost any imperfection possible, scares and blemishes alike) it can be hard to blend seamlessly into the skin if you pick up too much product at a time. I was left with a few brush streaks to the face when I first tried this foundation and it took a good few minutes of buffing to get these streaks to disappear. But, if you pick up a small amount of product on your brush, well, blending becomes a dream.

This technique also proves a goodie because, due to it's full coverage, its easy to create a thick layer too quickly. Using the light handed technique allows you to build this foundation up to the perfect coverage for your preference. Whilst I'm on the subject of it being a heavy foundation, it could be easy to think that it will be cakey once on the skin, well that certainly isn't the case. Once on it dries to the finish of any light liquid foundation whilst still having a powerful coverage. I am not one to use much concealer on the face (the under eye circles is a different story which I'm sure you're all bored of) but when I have Vichy's Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation on there is no need for extra concealer on those blemishes at all. It really covers amazingly and I have been searching for a foundation that can do that for years.

Again, as it is a heavy foundation, you could be lead to believe that it feels heavy once on the skin, wrong again! This foundation is so lightweight you can't feel it at all, and that's when you're applying it and after it has set. Vichy claim their Dermablend range last a minimum of 14 hours on the skin and they are not half wrong there. This cream foundation looks flawless all day. I notice that my blusher, bronzer and lipstick have out right disappeared when I get home from a long day at the office, but my foundation hasn't moved an inch. Team that with the Dermablend Translucent Setting Powder and you're using a unstoppable combination.

I can't tell you how it is for my oily skin at the moment as I seem to be having a major oily time at the moment but that happened before I stared using this foundation. What I can say though is, although it dries to more of a matte finish, if you have dry skin you have nothing to worry about. Although cream foundations have a reputation of sticking to dry patches it is clear that won't be happening with the Dermablend Cream foundation.

Basically this cream foundation blows all the stereotypes out of the window. It has blown them out so much that I think I have done a complete 360! I went from hating cream foundations to this being my current favourite foundation ever. Well done Vichy and thank you.

Have you tried the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Foundation? What do you make of it? And what do you think of cream foundations all together, are you a fan? Have you tried any other products from the Vichy Range? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to Vichy.
Hannah xxx

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Release | Collection Mardi Gras Range

I have only been to one Mardi Gras in my time and I don't think you can class it as an authentic one. The one I went to was at Universal Studios when I was about 15 so it wasn't the truly glamorous one that springs to mind when you think of Brazilian Models dancing away in Rio. What I can remember from this American Mardi Gras was there was a lot of colourful things, lots of beads, lots of dancing and for the adults, a hell of a lot of alcohol.

So with the typically Brazilian Carnival and of course that big football tournament thingy majig coming up in Rio itself, Collection didn't miss a trick when it came to their new Mardi Gras range* and what a lovely colourful looking range it is. In this new release there are two new lovely products, the Mardi Gras Nail Polishes and the Mardi Gras Lip Balms (all £1.99 each).

Now, I will be doing reviews on both these products very very soon but I thought I would just give you a quick little post giving you the run down of the new range first. Each section of the new range has 3 different options, and they are all equally as amazing.

So let's start with the nails polishes. Well...the colours are jut to die for. Coming in 'White Out,' 'Canary Yellow,' and 'Green with Envy' these three colours definitely give off the Brazilian Mardi Gras Carnival vibe, not only on their own but mixed together too. To get the real Mardi Gras vibe I feel using a different colour on each finger is a good way to go, or if you are a nail art kinda gal then using all the colours on one finger would create an amazing look. All these colours compliment each other so well that doing a bit of nail art would be amazing.

Next we come to the Lip Balms which all smell completely divine. The three options are 'Green Apple,' 'Strawberry' and 'Orange.' I would say the 'Green Apple' smells a little more like Watermelon to me but it smells incredible none the less. Each Lip Balm comes in a different colour depending on its scent but none of them transfer any colour onto the lip, they just leave them with the perfect shine.

As the Mardi Gras look is all about vibrant colours mixed with a sunny glow this Collection range has definitely managed to mix the two. The Nail Varnishes definitely bring that eye-popping colour and the varnishes definitely give a glowing shine.

This range hasn't hit the shops yet but you guys don't have too long to wait as these Collection Mardi Gras products hit Superdrug on the 4th of June and Boots on the 11th of June. I can't wait to test these products properly. I have had a little dabble but not tried them properly, and I can't wait to review them in full.

Are you excited about the Collection Mardi Gras range? Let me know which looks like your favourite?

Thanks for reading and major thank you to Collection!
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Review | Topshop Blush in Good Girl

The other day I might have gone on a bit of a shopping spree and I'm justifying it to myself my saying I haven't done one in a while...oh the things we will let ourselves believe. A few pairs of shoes and a top later my boyfriend had just about had enough BUT I managed to quickly drag him into Topshop.

For the first time in, well ever, I walked past all of the clothes (much to my boyfriends shock and delight) and headed straight for the make up section. Topshop make up has never really appealed to me before as I think it's too expensive for high street but wouldn't have the same quality as high end. However the fact it has been popping up in more and more blog posts recently made it finally get my attention. 

As my obsession with lipstick grows I took a look at those first but sadly couldn't find a colour that I liked or didn't have a similar one in my collection, soooo I headed to the blushes and was in awe. I struggled to pick one and as I was only limiting myself to one, I had a tough decision to make.  I am loving pink blushes at the moment though so I was won over by 'Good Girl'.

This shade reminds me of 'Stay Pretty' by Mac which is one of my favourite blushes, however 'Good Girl' has a slightly paler hue to it. When looking at it in daylight I can see a few little sprinkles of glitter but they certainly don't show up on the skin. Although I originally thought this would be quite a glowy blush it does seem to be more on the matte finish once on the skin. The texture is nice and silky too which is always a positive in my book. 

This blush is great to apply as the product is easily picked up by a brush. There is also little to no wasted product which is amazing. I hate it when powders produce loads of excess when swirled with a brush and that certainly doesn't happen here. The pigmentation is also pretty darn decent too. With one swish you have a nice subtle pink sheen to the cheek, but this can easily be built up to a strong but undramatic colour too. 

I love the packaging of this product. It's simple but beautiful and that goes for the box it comes in too. My only little annoyance is that I put this blush in my bag and it came out with weird green marks on the lid (see the picture below). It must have been rubbing against other things which has made the packaging either stain or rub away. As I don't have any green things in my bag I'm guessing it's the latter, which makes me think the packaging isn't very protected...if that makes sense.

All in all I am in love with this Topshop Blush and would highly recommend it. This blush has made me want to try out more of their make up...I feel a Oxford Street trip is now on the cards. Next on my wish list is the Blush in 'Let Her Go.' 

Have you tried any Topshop blushes? What's your favourite make up product from Topshop and what would you recommend? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Edelweiss Milky Cleansing Cleanser

It's always great to do some work with a company especially a less well know company in the UK. My favourite thing about working with smaller companies is that you are talking to people that have put all their effort, time, love and devotion into a product rather than someone who is solely trying to promote things because it is their job. This determination and outright love for their product is what made me so so so excited about working with Siin Life and their Edelweiss range. Talking to the director of Siin Life on the phone was not only a pleasant break from the slightly impersonal world that is driven my social media but was also amazing to hear outright passion for a product. This passion made me just want to try Edelweiss products right that second.

A few days later I received the most incredible parcel I have ever seen, inside a velvet box was the lovely packaging for the Edelweiss products. The boxed slides open to reveal some classic looking products. I have to admit I am a sucker for packaging, some products I love but they sit in my draw and only come out when I use them. Some lucky few products get selected to sit proudly on display for all to see and these products certainly fit in that category. A classic while tube with a beautiful font in a lovely shade is, what I think, a classic way to get timeless chic packaging. The Edelweiss range have hit that nail right on the head here.

I was lucky enough to receive two little products from an exclusive beauty box and this review will focus on the Milky Cleaner* (I will be reviewing the 24H Essence Cream soon so stay turned for that). As I like to make sure I test a product good and proper before reviewing it I used this beautiful product for a solid week, day and night, to see how it made my skin look and feel.

This range consists of revolutionary anti-anging products and that is definitely something I am starting to have to think more about now I'm 25. Ok, yes I don't have any major wrinkles quite yet (although years of squinting isn't doing much for my for'ed) but using products to slow the ageing process is something we need to think about at an early age. The French use anti ageing products as soon as they hit their teens and they all look flawless so we should take some tips from them.

Anyway, less of the rambling and more on the product. The first thing I noticed about this is, despite the name, it is not quite a cleansing milk...but it's not a gel either. It is a wonderful hybrid of the two which makes me think I am getting the benefits of both textures here, one very big tick there. The texture of this cleaners is almost silky which makes it an absolute pleasure to put on the face.

The smell is something I can't quite put my finger one because I am outright awful and detecting smells (I'd be a rubbish wine tester that's for sure, that paired with the fact I'm a lightweight so wouldn't get very far down a wine list either). As this company is an Austrian company I can't even cheat and read the ingredients, but the smell is definitely extremely pleasant. It's not too strong that it will irritate the skin but strong enough to release a pleasant aroma. This probably won't make sense, but it smell's how I think a cleaner should smell and it has a really comforting undertone to it.

This cleaner is brilliant at removing make up, even stubborn mascara so it certainly gets a thumbs up there. It also makes my skin feel incredibly soft and doesn't give it that tight feeling some cleaners do. You know the feeling after you have washed you face and you are dying to get some moisturiser on to take that tightness away. Well that doesn't happen here, the Edelweiss cleanser leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

As I am an oily skin type I haven't yet noticed this cleanser is improving on that but it isn't making it any worse either. Ok, it doesn't leave the skin as oil free as some cleansers I have tried but those are the ones that make my skin feel tight like I described above. This cleaners doesn't feel like it is stripping my skin of it's natural oils and 'goodness'. Yes, it might be slightly better for dry or normal skin types but I wouldn't rule it out for the oily's either. If you use a good muslin cloth to wash with this cleanser and then pair it with a good primer I can't see why oily skin types can't enjoy this product too.

All in all I have fallen a little bit in love with this cleaner. I actually look forward to using it and although I can't tell you how it will work against ageing in the small time I have been testing it, I can tell you that it will make your skin feel delightful after a few washes. It also looks really pretty next to your taps, I've had many "ooo what's this" from people that have come to visit.

Have you tried any thing from the Edelweiss range? What's your favourite thing about smaller companies? Are you a sucker for packaging too? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and thanks to siin life. 

Hannah xxx


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review | Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimzer

If you are a long time reader of A Day In The Life of a Northern Girl then you will be completely used to me moaning about my dark under eye bags, you will also be used to me talking about products that will help reduce these unsightly things. You may also know that I have to use four (yes  that's right, four) different concealers to cover them up (see my post on that here). As you might have guessed already, this post might just have a little something to do with those pesky dark eye circles.

When you use as many concealers as I do it can cause the odd problem in the creasing department. As no one wants to look like they have wrinkles when they actually don't, I looked to the internet for solutions. After watching a video from the genius that is Wayne Goss, who suggested a great way to prevent this is a good eye cream, I decided it was time to invest in such a thing.

It was only by chance I stumbled across Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimzer. I was flicking through twitter on my way to work and I came across a tweet promoting a post about how to get rid of dark circles. As my two dark eyes are the bane of my life I obviously clicked the link. Inside that post was a little shout out to the Dr Weil cream and I really wish I could remember who had written it so I could thank them and spread some love, but sadly I can't!

Now it's very rare that I go and buy a product without fully researching and investigating first but this review completely won me over. I quickly look at the reviews on the Origins website and these only backed up it's credibility...10 minutes later I owned it (maybe it's a good thing I no longer pass house of Fraser on the way to work).

I'm pretty sure you can tell this is going to be a complimentary post (the fact it was in my April favourites only helps to back this up) but to say I have fallen in love with this cream is an understatement. This cream does claim to reduce under eye circles for good and I'm not sure how much of that is true but I have to admit, once on, this eye creams makes me feel so much happier about those bags.

By the looks of this cream there is a bit of shimmer in it which I am guessing helps reflect the light away from your dark eye circles, making them appear lighter. There could be some ingredient in there that helps to tackle those circles for the long term, but as of yet (I've been using it for about a month) there is no significant reduction in the darkness.

Now don't get me wrong, I can certainly tell a difference from before I started using this cream. It might be in my head or it might be working a little but I definitely feel a tiny bit more confident without the concealer on (still not enough to not wear any at all though). I have however been going out with just 2 concealers as my defence weapons on the odd occasion, which was completely unheard of before.

So how does it cope with stopping any cracking and creasing under the eye? Well I think it does a flipping good job. Ok yes, if I've had my concealer on all day I do still get a significant amount of cakage-ness (I think I just made up a word there) but it takes a lot longer for my concealer to crease when I have this cream on under it.

And how does this cream make my eyes feel? Once I have dabbed a few dots on and rubbed them in with mr pinkies next door neighbours my eyes feel cool and refreshed. It also sinks in really quickly so there is no shine or greasy looking eyes after application, so you can get working on concealing those bad boys straight away. I haven't attempted to use this on my (thankfully non-existent) crows feet yet because frankly, this cream isn't claiming to tackle that issue. For dark circles thought I can't fault it in the slightest.

Have you tried the Dr Andrew Weil's cream yet? What do use to cover up stubborn dark eye circles? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Friday, 2 May 2014

What's Really In my Handbag!

I see a lot of 'What's in my bag' post floating around the blogger land and I have to admit, they're not my favourite posts...please don't hurt me (*hides behind her very badly painted nails*). However, today  I decided to do such a post, but this time it's got a twist. I'm doing a what's REALLY in my handbag cause actually it's not full of wonderful pretty's full of crap, crap I don't use!

I want to start this off by saying two things. Firstly I have no idea how girls can do small handbags?! Girls with teny tiny satchels or clutches baffle me and don't get me started on those girls that don't even have handbags at all. I have one motto and one motto in life only, never trust a girl that doesn't have a handbag! I mean, where do they keep their make up bag, where do they put their huge bulging purse that's full of £10's worth of shrapnel, where do they keep their kitchen sink (because you never know, you might need it when you quickly pop to Sainsbury's) and what exactly are they hiding?!

Secondly I am not a girl who packs lightly. Ever since I can remember I have completely over packed for everything, be that holidays, weekends away and even for (as I said above) popping to the supermarket. I have the most irrational fear that once I leave the house I might need something and it won't be with me, therefore I shove as much as humanly possible in my handbag. Soooo when World War 3 does break out as I'm walking down the street I'll be ok cause I'll have my 'how to survive World War 3 kit' in my bag. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but my bag always weights a tone absolutely everywhere I go because I'm just a handbag contents hoarder. On the odd occasion I do decide to empty out my bag a little it still weights 3/4's of a tone and I have to admit, my shoulders are starting to suffer.

So after all that, what is actually in there? Well instead of pretty make up bags, super cute phone cases and designer purses my handbag is full of much less glamorous things. Obviously I have the usual things purse, phone and oyster card case (as having you oyster card hidden in your big purse, making you to stand at the barriors for 5 minutes trying to find it is a cardinal sin in London Town) but there are some little extra's in my bag that most bloggers tend to skip over.

1. Receipts, receipts, receipts! There are bloody receipts everywhere in my bag. They're in all the pockets, floating around the bottom, falling out of my purse  and sticking to everything I need in there. Every time I open my bag out flies about 20 receipts and that doesn't even make a dint in the amount still in there. Now I do have to save receipts for work to claim back my lunches however I keep those in my purse so I don't loose them...this is clearly a pointless exercise as I'm clearly not emptying the others out anyway. No word of a lie I found a receipt for mid September 2013 in my bag the other day. I don't even think I owned my bag in mid September. I clearly have a problem.

2. Rubbish! Now I don't mean rubbish in the sense of just things I don't need, I mean literal rubbish. Chocolate wrappers, chewing gum packets, sweet wrappers, I even have a questionable looking apple in there right now. I've been meaning to eat it all week at work but the vending machine wins every time! Why I use my handbag as a bin is beyond me.

3. Nappy bags. Yep you read that right...nappy bags! "Oh she must have kids" I hear you say. Nope, but I do have an explanation. Obviously every woman has 'lady products' in their bag but I have a whole shelves worth in my bag all month round just in case my body decides to defy science and have weekly cycles instead. Now the nappy bags are just to dispose of these things we do not speak of in a much more cleanly manner when I'm out an about. So I do have a logical reason to have one in my bag from time to time but still, you don't half get some funny looks when you pull on out with your phone.

4. A pad lock! Even I can't explain this one?!?

5. If anyone needs a red lipstick but they're not sure what shade of red they'd like, well I'm your gal...I have 20 red's floating around my bag!

6. Now this is more of something I don't have in my handbag. A bloody umbrella. I took it out when we were having that nice weather and then's monsoon season again and I'm stood there like a drowned rat. A drowned rat with no eyes cause they've been pocked out by all the short people who actually had their brollies in their bags but left their consideration at home. In London there are many occation's where you personal space is invaded and you just get used to that but throw umbrella's into the mix and people don't seem to think to maybe give a little bit of exta room. They also don't think that their umbrella level is my face level... BAM umbrella to the retina.

and finally 7. Something a bit similar to the umbrella situation cause I never have this when I need it either but always have it when I don't, and that's my phone charger. Now if you are an Iphone user you will be fully aware of how awful the battery life is but mines great...when I don't use my phone. If I use it for more than 15 minutes whilst on my travels my battery icon in the corner suddenly turns into the countdown clock. I can see it ticking away second after second and suddenly all panic kicks in. I feel for my phone charger in my bag, "it was in there yesterday" I think to myself "but I didn't need I took it out...oh for god sakes!" Then that initial panic turns to out right fear. What happens if I get stranded in the middle of no where (in the most populated and busiest public transport city in the country), what happens if I suddenly really need to ask someone "should I buy those shoes I saw in the shop window" because it really is a life or death situation, or what if Zac Efron suddenly wants to call me up cause he's read my blog and things we'd really "connect!" Well I'll never know cause my battery f'ing died!!!

And that's what's really in my handbag! What's the weirdest thing you've found in yours. Answers on a postcard please...or just in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx
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