Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Edelweiss Milky Cleansing Cleanser

It's always great to do some work with a company especially a less well know company in the UK. My favourite thing about working with smaller companies is that you are talking to people that have put all their effort, time, love and devotion into a product rather than someone who is solely trying to promote things because it is their job. This determination and outright love for their product is what made me so so so excited about working with Siin Life and their Edelweiss range. Talking to the director of Siin Life on the phone was not only a pleasant break from the slightly impersonal world that is driven my social media but was also amazing to hear outright passion for a product. This passion made me just want to try Edelweiss products right that second.

A few days later I received the most incredible parcel I have ever seen, inside a velvet box was the lovely packaging for the Edelweiss products. The boxed slides open to reveal some classic looking products. I have to admit I am a sucker for packaging, some products I love but they sit in my draw and only come out when I use them. Some lucky few products get selected to sit proudly on display for all to see and these products certainly fit in that category. A classic while tube with a beautiful font in a lovely shade is, what I think, a classic way to get timeless chic packaging. The Edelweiss range have hit that nail right on the head here.

I was lucky enough to receive two little products from an exclusive beauty box and this review will focus on the Milky Cleaner* (I will be reviewing the 24H Essence Cream soon so stay turned for that). As I like to make sure I test a product good and proper before reviewing it I used this beautiful product for a solid week, day and night, to see how it made my skin look and feel.

This range consists of revolutionary anti-anging products and that is definitely something I am starting to have to think more about now I'm 25. Ok, yes I don't have any major wrinkles quite yet (although years of squinting isn't doing much for my for'ed) but using products to slow the ageing process is something we need to think about at an early age. The French use anti ageing products as soon as they hit their teens and they all look flawless so we should take some tips from them.

Anyway, less of the rambling and more on the product. The first thing I noticed about this is, despite the name, it is not quite a cleansing milk...but it's not a gel either. It is a wonderful hybrid of the two which makes me think I am getting the benefits of both textures here, one very big tick there. The texture of this cleaners is almost silky which makes it an absolute pleasure to put on the face.

The smell is something I can't quite put my finger one because I am outright awful and detecting smells (I'd be a rubbish wine tester that's for sure, that paired with the fact I'm a lightweight so wouldn't get very far down a wine list either). As this company is an Austrian company I can't even cheat and read the ingredients, but the smell is definitely extremely pleasant. It's not too strong that it will irritate the skin but strong enough to release a pleasant aroma. This probably won't make sense, but it smell's how I think a cleaner should smell and it has a really comforting undertone to it.

This cleaner is brilliant at removing make up, even stubborn mascara so it certainly gets a thumbs up there. It also makes my skin feel incredibly soft and doesn't give it that tight feeling some cleaners do. You know the feeling after you have washed you face and you are dying to get some moisturiser on to take that tightness away. Well that doesn't happen here, the Edelweiss cleanser leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

As I am an oily skin type I haven't yet noticed this cleanser is improving on that but it isn't making it any worse either. Ok, it doesn't leave the skin as oil free as some cleansers I have tried but those are the ones that make my skin feel tight like I described above. This cleaners doesn't feel like it is stripping my skin of it's natural oils and 'goodness'. Yes, it might be slightly better for dry or normal skin types but I wouldn't rule it out for the oily's either. If you use a good muslin cloth to wash with this cleanser and then pair it with a good primer I can't see why oily skin types can't enjoy this product too.

All in all I have fallen a little bit in love with this cleaner. I actually look forward to using it and although I can't tell you how it will work against ageing in the small time I have been testing it, I can tell you that it will make your skin feel delightful after a few washes. It also looks really pretty next to your taps, I've had many "ooo what's this" from people that have come to visit.

Have you tried any thing from the Edelweiss range? What's your favourite thing about smaller companies? Are you a sucker for packaging too? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and thanks to siin life. 

Hannah xxx


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