Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review | Nars Laguna

Firstly I would like to apologise about my HUGE lack of appearance on everything social media recently! I've not done a blog post in 2 and a half weeks and I haven't spent more than 5 minutes on twitter since god knows when. I have started a new job and am major busy so don't have time to have a social life let alone a blog life. Anywho, onto the real reason you're here.

The other day I was thinking (mostly when I was writing my May favourites) that I go on about how much I love Nars Laguna bronzer a hell of a lot but I've never actually done a post on it. Well that's all about the change.

I purchased my first Nars Laguna after my birthday last year, mainly because the bronzer I was using at the time was a tad on the terracotta side and that just didn't work for my contouring plans. After lots of research and a hell of a lot of reading blog post's it was clear Nars Laguna would be my new weapon of contouring choice. I will start by saying I have used this bronzer pretty much every single day since I got it. The only time I hadn't was when I'd given some of the others in my collection a chance but none of them lived up to Laguna and here's why!

First of all, although there appears to be a bit of shimmer in the bronzer when you are looking at it in the pan there is absolutely no transfer of this onto you skin. It blends in as matte as can be; meaning it can be used for both contouring and bronzing purposes. Secondly the colour is just stunning. It doesn't leave you looking like a tangerine and it doesn't give you that dirty/muddy look some bronzers can give. It also looks pretty light in this picture, but I assure you it is a little darker than this.

The formula is perfect too, although it's a powder it's not drying in the slightest. It could almost be described as being on the creamy side which makes it easy to blend and gives off an amazing finish. The pigmentation is stunning too, allowing you to go for a subtle but effective look to a powerful but beautiful look in just a few swooshes of the brush. It also last for most of the day without budging. Ok yes it fades a little but when I'm out the house for almost 11hrs a day I wouldn't expect anything less. It might not be as obvious on the skin but the Nars Laguna is one of the only products that is still clinging on to the face when I get home.

Ok, yes this bronzer is a little on the pricey side at £27 but let me put it to you this way. This product has lasted me exactly one year and one month, I have used it almost every single day since I got it (sometimes even twice). That works out at almost £0.07 a day. Come on, that's less then a flipping penny, when you look at it like that surely it's worth it right?!?

Yes Nars is a high end brand but the quality of their products are second to none if you ask me. I haven't been disappointed with any of their products I've tried so far so investing in a Nars product, even if it's not the holy grail that is the Laguna bronzer. Nars is definitely becoming my favourite brand.

I seriously can't recommend Nars Laguna enough. Like I said in my monthly favourites, if I had done a yearly favourites last December this would have been top of the list.

Have you tried Nars Laguna? What is your favourite bronzer? What is your favourite Nars product and what would you recommend to someone who is always on the look out for a new Nars investment (ahem me!).

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Review | Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms

When I was sent these little gems the other week I was very excited to try the lip balms out as I've been looking for a new one for a while now. When they arrived, let's just say I definitely wasn't disappointed. Let's start with the packaging. The colourful tubes are bright; cheery and give the look of festival fun without being too in your face. They also give a little hint as to what flavour or scent they are going to be.

Speaking of scent...oh my gosh they all smell completely amazing. I can't decide which out of Green Apple, Strawberry and Orange I like the most but (if I let you into a rather embarrassing secret) I find myself watching tv and just sniffing them all. I know, I'm a freak, but I just sit there alternating between the three, giving them a whiff and then applying them to the lip. After about an hour my lips have so much lip balm on they're almost twice the size. I just can't help myself. 

But let's get onto how they actually feel on the lips. They're easy to apply and don't drag or feel harsh on the lip at all. They also taste as good as they smell (although I don't advise actually eating them). Once they are on they leave your lips looking so luscious. There is a lovely subtle shine to the lip that looks like you have a thin layer of lipgloss on, but without that dreaded stickiness.

As someone that gets dry lips these have been lovely for putting a bit of nourishment back into them. I'm not sure how great these balms would be for those that actually have sore lips or ones that need a proper treatment but, for those lips that need a bit of life injecting back in them, the Collection balms are perfect.

These balms almost remind me of the Maybelline Babylips but without all the incorrect hype. Thankfully the Collection lip balms don't have any colour too them, I'm not looking for that in a balm, if I want a colour I'll use a lipstick. I think these balms are perfect for natural day to day looks or even more perfect for those who are rocking a powerful eye and need a subtle but beautiful lip. Ooo now I'm thinking about it these balms would be great if you have a beautiful coloured matte lipstick but wanted to shimmer it up a little. These over the top of your colour of choice would look stunning.

All in all I love everything about these balms and think they will be a huge success. Thankfully I have 3 to keep me going for a while but I will certainly be purchasing some when I run out. The Collection Balms out in Superdrug and Boots now.

Will you be trying these new balms? Which would you chose out of the three colours? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

May Favourites | Fashion and Beauty

It's been a funny old month this May. We've had days where it's felt like the height of summer and ones where it has been almost like the ice ages! I definitely think this months favourites reflect that weather confusion. I also noticed a HUGE monochrome theme in my favourites this month which is a little something new. Let's get straight into it then shall we.

My first favourite is leaning towards the colder/winter end of the spectrum. This favourite is a perfume and surprise surprise it comes from the Diptyque counter. So, just why is this scent slightly wintery? Well it's the cult favourite Phyilosykos so it has strong fig notes which are absolutely beautiful but tends to be a familiar scent you'd me sniffing in the colder months. I used to hate everything about figs, the taste, the smell and they way they look, but this perfumed has changed that..well only for the smell. I've got two of these bottles now, one for my birthday and one for a leaving present from work, and it has started off a love of everything fig. I now have two candles and a moisturiser with the figgy scent. These little roller balls Diptyque do are perfect because, let's face it the brand is a little pricy. However these 30ml rollers are affordable; portable and so darn cute, how can you complain? They also allow you to sample a few of the beautiful Diptyque scents without breaking the bank. This is my third of the collections and I'm aiming to get more. I will be doing a full review on this but it's definitely my favourite scent so far, and the compliments I get when wearing this are a Brucey bonus too.

Now for a more summery favourite, the NARS Laguna Bronzer. This has been a love of mine for a while now and if I had done a yearly favourite in December it would definitely have been on it. Although I use it everyday I have been loving it even more this month as the sun has come out. I usually use this bronzer to contour as any shimmer that's in it doesn't show on the skin. But now the sun is (sort of) deciding to come out I have been using it to fake the 'naturally tanned' look. When it was super sunny the other weekend I got lots of comments saying I looked sun kissed, and although I got a bit of a tan it was mostly down to this beauty. I have just repurchased this, and it has been over a year since I last got it, so it's definitely worth the pennies.

A firm favourite of mine for the last few months has to be the Arbonne It's A Long Story Mascara. I have been using it ever since I was given it and have done a full review here. I've been loving it even more this month as I've had a few nights out and using a few extra coats of this mascara have made me lashes look luscious (tongue twister for you there). The brush hasn't dried or deteriorated like quite a few mascaras I've tried in my time, and it doesn't look even close to drying out anytime soon either.

I have a little bit of a fashion favourite for you guys this month as well and that comes in the shape of the BEAUTIFUL watch I got for my birthday. I have wanted a Daniel Wellington watch for so long because I think the are so classic looking and (without knowing) the one I was longing after was 'The Classic Sheffield Lady'. It's like it was meant to be, ya know, being a Sheffield lass myself. Anyway, this watch has a classic white face, rose gold detailing and a plain black leather strap. I have warn this everyday since my amazing parents got it for me for my 25th and it literally goes with every outfit imaginable. So many people have commented on this watch and I think it's because of it's smart but on trend style. I'm literally in love.

So a bit of a short favourites for you there but all of these have become things I use every day and totally love. Bring on June I say, let's get some sunny weather and some new beauty finds.

What are you favourites this month? Is there anything you have been loving? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Review | Edelweiss 24hr Essence Cream

I have become a bit of a sucker for skincare recently and more specifically, moisturiser. So when I received the Edelweiss 24hr cream I was very excited to say the least. I've tried out and reviewed the Edelweiss Milky Cleanser and loved it. The post also spoke more about the company. So how did the moisturiser hold up against the cleanser? Well not half bad actually.

The texture of this 24hr Essence Cream feels thick but not in a bad way. I'm not a fan of thick moisturisers as they tend to take a long time settling into the skin. This one however feels thick and nourishing without looking like you have completely slathered you face after you've put it on and I was extremely surprised at how quickly this sank into the skin. There was no waiting around twiddling my thumbs after I'd applied it, I could go straight in with the primer and foundation. 

One amazing thing I have noticed after I've applied it is that my skin has a lovely glow to it. You can see it taking effect as soon as it's on you face, I even tested the cream on the back of my hand to make sure it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me and sure enough...glowing! The hand I applied the cream too looked more radiant than the one without that's impressive! Ok, as an oily skinned gal I'm not sure how much use I have for something that gives a glow (as my skin produces far too much on it's own) but if you have dry to normal skin this moisturiser will make your skin look amazing.

It also makes my skin feel fantastic. It feels really hydrated without feeling greasy. When I use it after the Milky Cleanser...well let's just say hello baby bottom smooth skin. The smell is similar to that of the cleanser but again, I can't put my finger on to the exact notes, but it is flipping beautiful whatever it is. Like with the cleanser it's not too strong that it will lead to irritated skin, it's just enough to enjoy. Finally the packaging is simple but beautiful and means this cream takes pride of place in my dressing table.

So what's my final verdict on this moisturiser? Well, I think it's lovely. With my oily skin I am much less likely to use this when compared to the cleanser but that doesn't mean I won't be enjoying this product. I will definitely be using this if I'm having a rare matte skin day or if I'm going on a night out or for a special occasion. How healthy it makes you skin look is something a heavily photographed occasion needs. And if you're lucky enough to have dry or normal skin you need this moisturiser in you life.

The Edelweiss / siin life website has just launched and for a short time only you can get the Starter Beauty Set for £39.90 instead of £52.90. Go and snap it up now before it's too late.

Thanks for reading and thank you again to Edelweiss and siin life for their generosity. Go check their products out now.

Hannah xxx
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