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The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate Review

For many years I'd been looking for one thing and one thing only. I'd been searching for that single product that would totally transform my skin and change it from the oily mess it had been since I was 13 to something much more tolerable. I'd tried many different things, most of them being different primers or powders, and then one day I did something I don't normally do; I gave into the hype. 

Normally I am one to wait for new releases to settle down in the blogging scene before deciding whether to buy it or not. If a product still gets major attention 6 months after launch then I will look into whether it would suit my skin type/tone or not before, most probably, purchasing. I don't know what it was about The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate that made me act so out of character (maybe it was the word 'youth' or my oh so desperate attempt to not get wrinkles as I approach my 30's) but for some reason I picked this up not long after launching. 

I wasn't expecting this Concentrate to have any effect on my oily skin, but little did I know, this one product would change my skin type for the better. But more on that later. 

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Review - best moisturiser for oily skin

Firstly let's get into a little run down of what this product is and what it claims to do. What's probably most important to note is that this Concentrate is organic which means now nasty surprises in the ingredient's that could irritate your skin.  

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate is designed to, in the words of The Body Shop, enhance your surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier and I can confirm it does all this. The Concentrate sinks into the skin straight away and leaves it feeling fully hydrated in a matter of seconds. A little goes a long way with this one and you only need a drop or two to moisturise the whole face and neck. 

Although amazing for hydration and keeping my skin looking and feeling soft and healthy, this little miracle in a bottle has totally transformed my skin. It was not something that I had expected from this product as I wasn't looking to it as a tool to improve my skin type, but this little bottle has made my oily skin soooo much less shinny then it has ever been before. Gone are the days of constant blotting, powdering or screaming bloody murder at my, can't even be passed off as very dewy, skin. Sometimes, if I've forgotten to put this on before bed, I can even look at my skin in the day and think it looks a little dry. This is not something I ever thought I would say.

Now I do have to be honest with you. I've been using The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate for almost nine months now and my skin has started to ever so slightly slip back to its oily ways, but a huge emphasis on the slightly. Maybe my skin has just got used to the product and I could do with having a break from it for a while or maybe it's because I'm doing long commutes and once I settle in Manchester my skin will calm down. Either way my skin is nowhere near as bad it was a year ago. Yes I have to occasionally powder or blot my face but it's only once or twice a day; not every time I go to the ladies like before. 

As far as I'm aware this Concentrate is helping my skin stay youthful and no fine lines have appeared since using, but at the ripe old age of *coughs* 27, I won't find out if this is really working for a few years I guess. My skin does look healthier and much more hydrated than before and most of all...much less shiny. 

Basically, if you're looking for a quick run down, I would highly recommend his Concentrate to anyone who wants a great moisturiser that quickly impacts the skin without a huge price tag (£32 for a 50ml bottle). But most of all, The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate is an absolute must for you oily skin people out there who are desperate to reduce that shine. 

Have you tried The Body Shop Drops of Youth range? Are you as much of a fan as I am? What's your moisturiser of choice if not and, to anyone with oily skin, what products do you use to keep the shine at bay?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx 

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  1. This sounds like a good product! My forehead gets shiny by the afternoon although it's been better lately after realising I was still using night cream in the day which is obviously a lot richer haha, I can't believe it took me so long to twig! So do you just apply this at night? I like the little pipette xx


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