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Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Liquid Foundation Review and Swatches - Light 45

If you follow me on social media then you'll know the constant love and raving I've been giving Kat Von D Beauty at the moment. Hell I even did a post the other week about Kat Von D beauty hitting the UK and what I thought you absolutely must add to your make up collection, so you could say I'm a big fan of the brand!

I ordered a number of things on the day Kat Von D Beauty was released and I had tried all of them before, apart from one little product. The Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Liquid Foundation.

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Light 45 Review

I have to say I was a little sceptical about ordering a foundation online that I 1) hadn't tried before and 2) couldn't test which shade matched my skin tone. However, I pulled together all my blogging tips and knowledge and did all I could to ensure I picked up the best shade possible. If you want to know how I did this then check out my Top Tips for Ordering Foundation Online post.

After a bit of research, and feeling confident I'd picked the shade that was (hopefully) the best for me, I hit add to basket. Two days later my new foundation was sitting on my dressing table, ready to be tested, and thankfully the shade was pretty darn perfect.

The Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Liquid Foundation, like with all of Kat Von D Beauty products is designed to be long lasting, high pigmented and provide full coverage and I can certainly confirm all three of these statements.

Not only is the coverage amazing but a little really does go a long way; I only need 2 pea sized pumps to cover my whole face. It gives a velvet matte finish, which is exactly what I'm looking for. I've heard people who don't usually go for a matte look say that using setting sprays before hand, skipping primer or adding highlighter can really make this foundation work for all desired effects. 

When it says it lasts 24 hours it really means it. I decided to live tweet my first day trying the Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation and this is how it went: 

Used my Kat Von D foundation for the first time today and so far so good
4hr update on my 1st day of Kat Von D foundation. Still great coverage and very limited amount of shine 
6hr update for my 1st day of Kat Von D foundation: no oxidisation and still great coverage. Only needed one shine dabbing so far 
Nearly 10 hrs wearing the Kat Von D foundation and I've only blotted once and still have full coverage. I'm falling in love guys 
After 13 hrs my Kat Von D foundation it's still pretty darn good on the skin. No extra blotting needed & the coverage is going strong 

As you can see by my tweets it was love at first use and I can confirm, 20 days later, I'm still head over heels; this ain't going to be no short love affair I tell you. Just a small amount evens out skin tones, hides pours and pretty much eliminates shine.

kat Von D Lock It Foundation Light 45 Review and Swatch

I didn't think there would be a day where I would find a foundation that could make me even pick flaws in my Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation, let alone replace it, but the Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Liquid Foundation has done just that. Although still an amazing product I had noticed how the Vichy foundation transferred when I touched my skin but I thought that was something that just came with any full coverage or long lasting foundation. Turns out I was wrong! Once on, the Lock-It Liquid Foundation doesn't come off until you get the cleanser on it. What more could you ask for from a foundation?

To sum it up this is the perfect foundation if you want a soft matte finish (although you can add dewyness to it if wanted), full, and I mean full, coverage and one that lasts from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. It does this all whilst reducing pretty much any shine (even for the oiliest of skin types) and never transferring. If you're not sold after that then I don't know what will make you happy!

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Hannah xxx

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