Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bumble and Bumble's Sunday Shampoo Review

I’ve done it, I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve found the miracle product my hair has been screaming out for for a while now. This product is the one thing that has helped my hair out, the one thing that is stopping my house look like a giant hairball, the one thing that is stopping me form going bald by the time I’m 30, and what is that one thing? Well if you haven’t guessed by the title, it’s Bumble and bumble’s Sunday Shampoo.

I had been umming and ahhring about buying this shampoo for a while, it even featured in my Christmas Beauty Product Wish List but did I really want to be spending over £20 for a bottle of shampoo? Well no, if I’m honest I didn’t, so bring on the Boxing Day sales and apparently a little 20% off from really can persuade me otherwise. I do LOVE Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Hairspray (see a review here) and have used it everyday since I got it, so I wasn’t in any doubt that I wouldn’t love this product too.

This shampoo is said to do many things. It helps remove left over product build up from your hair that can damage it if not removed properly. It can help repair over heated and over stressed hair. But most of all, most of all…(I like the way you move…sorry had to do that) it is said to help hair effected by hard water.

Now, in the magical lands of the North where people don’t put an ‘r’ after their a’s, the water is lovely and soft. It tastes like heaven and there is certainly no scum floating on the top of your glass when you drink. Lime scale is just an old wives tale in Sheffield and there’s no need for Calgon tablets, our washing machines are safe as hard water is something completely unheard of. So, you can imagine the shock my hair had when suddenly, after 24 years of bliss, it was forced to wash itself in such horrors. Well let’s just say my hair threw a major paddy, “If you’re going to continue to wash me in this sh*t” it said, “well, I'm not going to stick around for it.” Yep you guessed it, since I moved to London, I’ve been malting like a B**ch!

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo Review

So, the Sunday Shampoo arrived (in a very large bag full of other beauty products) and I was eager to put it straight to the test. My first impressions were that I love the packaging, but that’s the case with all the Bumble and bumble products. They’ve made their branding simple but classy and it looks high end without being too in your face. I do have a teeny tiny criticism with this shampoo as I find that it doesn’t lather very well. You therefore need a hefty amount to shampoo your whole head of hair and for the high price, I really don’t want to be using large amounts at one time. My clever way around this is to only use a small amount of the product on the roots because that’s want needs to be strengthened in this horrible hard water. I then use my regular shampoo to wash all my hair again, as alone the Bumble and bumble doesn’t seem to make my hair feel completely clean.

However, using this tactic is still proving very effective. As this shampoo is meant to be a weekly treatment you obviously save the pennies by not using it every time you wash your hair. I have been using it a little more frequent than that by using it every other time I wash my hair, but the effects really have been amazing.

Straight away, after my first wash with this shampoo I could already see how this shampoo was helping repair my hair. The fall out was significantly less than before and this is only increasing the more I use it. I have slowly started using it less throughout the week and the effects are still great. I do aim to only be using this once a week eventually but I think I need to keep using this shampoo frequently for a while to help completely strengthen my hair before I can reduce the use.

Either way this shampoo really is making such a huge difference to my suffering hair. No only is it actually staying on my head and I can no longer literally pull it out when I run my fingers through it, my hair looks shinier and feels healthy. It’s been less frizzy and needs less product to keep it under control. Although I never used to use too much product on my hair, I have to admit I have started to use more after I ombred it about a year ago. This shampoo is helping to strip any build up of these products from my hair and is keeping it in the very healthy condition it was before I moved to London.

All in all I couldn’t recommend this shampoo enough. If you use product or dye your hair, put it through a lot of heat stress or worst of all live in a hard water area (unless your crazy enough to wash your hair in Evian) this shampoo is an absolute must for you. Yes, it does come with a hefty price tag, but if you use it wisely it could last you a very long time. I have been using this for about 3 weeks and I’m only a small percentage of the way down the bottle. I’m so happy that 20% discount pushed me to get this; I wouldn’t live without it now.

Have you used this shampoo, what do you think of it? Could you scrape to spending over £20 for a shampoo? What are you favourite hair products and more specifically what are you favourite Bumble and bumble products?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Skincare wish list

A few weeks ago I did a post which was full of all the make up I would want for Christmas (or with any Christmas money I may get) and I decided that I just couldn't stop at make up!!! As some one who was originally a make up obsessive (like everyone reading this I imagine), since starting A Day In The Life of a Northern Girl, and reading so many other amazing blogs out there, I've become a little beauty product obsessed too. So here are just a few items that made it to the Christmas short list. 

Skincare wish list

Although I don't really have any blemishes on my skin, I do suffer from a fair amount of blackheads. I've heard some great things about Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore face mask. This 2 in 1 beauty works as a deep cleaning mask to help prevent the blackheads, but also works as a peel to help unclog the skin. 

Next we come to the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo which I think could potentially be my saviour. Described as a product that will wash away any product build up in the hair, my real interest in it is for its claim to help with hard water minerals. Since the move to London my hair has really suffered from the hard water. Up in't Sheffield, us northern folks have lovely soft water that causes no problems and tastes like gold compared to the musky, hair wrecking water down here. Since moving I have been malting like mad and anything that could help with this would be a dream. So Bumble and Bumble may just be the one for me.

If you read my post on Soap and Glory, you will know that I am a bit of a scub lover. The Scrub Your Nose In It is made for unclogging your skin and preventing oil build up. For an oily skin type like me I will try anything to help prevent that shine. Less oil build up means less shine...yes please.

The Origins Active Charcoal Mask has been getting some real attention on the bloggasphere right now and I want to join in on the madness! Charcoal is said to be really good for clearing the skin and making your skin soft and smooth. Again this product is a great pour unblocker which will hopefully work wonders for de-oiling my skin.

Another one from Origins is the cult favourite GenZing Moisturiser that is said to fully hydrate your skin. The fact it has caffeine in from the coffee beans it's made up of helps revive and energise your skin too. I've also heard from the odd post that it has helped with the odd eye circle or two.

The final product is the Smashbox photo finish primer. I am a big lover of primers, they help stop shine, they balance out your flaws and pours and they help your make up stay on longer. I've heard great things about Smashbox primers, such as they make your make up look better and they are great for a photo ready finish. So, what's not to love.

And that's my list, the wonder products that I would love to be trying in the new year. Fingers crossed I will be able to add some to my collection after the Christmas period. What would you add to your skincare wish list? Do you already have some of these? And would you recommend them?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Origins skin care
$38 -

Origins skin care


Friday, 9 August 2013

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray

I seem to no longer be buying magazines for their content anymore, I much prefer reading blogs as I think most of us bbloggers do. The thing that catches my eye with magazine now seems to be "what freebie they are giving away this month!" I no longer care for the magazine, as long as there is something good coming with it, I'm sold!

And here is a prime example. I recently picked up Elle magazine purely for the fact they were giving away a Bumble and Bumble product, I didn't care what product it was, I needed Bumble and Bumble in my life. On a side note, I'd go as far as saying I would never pick up Elle again unless there is a good freebie. The fact that the whole magazine is full of adverts (I got to roughly page 30, yes that was 30, before I even read an article!) really drives me mad.

Aaaanyway, rant over. I have always wants to try Bumble and Bumble products as they constantly get amazing reviews and I'm always looking for something that can have affect on my boring, I don't do anything, straight hair. So I was sold on buying some of their  products, there was just one big thing stopping me...the price! Wow those bad boys cost a lot. With an average of £20+ for a product, I just can't justify spending that amount incase the product makes not difference to my hair (like many hair products in the past.) So seeing that it was being given away with Elle, I just had to try it.

The name is a bit misleading, it's not the typical hairspray that you use after styling, you spray a few pumps into damp hair before you blow dry and...jeez does this product not half pack a punch. Now I have to warn you I do have very thick hair to begin with, but thick doesn't always mean volume. My hair stays flat to my head like you wouldn't believe, so this product has pretty much made me (hair) life. 

I wanted to try it a few times before reviewing to make sure it wasn't a fluke and I can confirm that my hair has never looked so good...and BIG before. Not only does it add mega volume to the hair, it gives it some texture and almost makes my straight hair a tiny bit wavey...yay hair life is now officially made!!! 

I am so happy I got Elle magazine now, the effect of the thinkening spray lasts all day and even has some impact the next morning. I gave my hair a quick dry shampoo and it was looking almost as good as when I'd finished blow drying the day before. If this is what it does to someone with thick hair it must do wonders with people that have finer locks. 

Girls and boys, if you're in need of a hair revamp or you have been searching for that wonder product, go get this sample while (in the words of snoop dogg) it's hot!!! I might even reconsider spending that major price tag on some full sized Bumble and Bumble products now. 

Has anyone else tried this thickening spray? What about any other Bumble and Bumble products? I'm always up for recommendations. 

Much love xx
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